Why Facebook is slow: Learn how to Speed up Facebook

We all know about Facebook. Even a small child is aware of Facebook. That is a free social networking site that offers a lot of feature for the registered user. But, as per Facebook being upgraded by adding new features it has been directly impacting on the speed of Facebook. If you have an account on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed about the slow speed of Facebook.

Recently on 10th of April 2018, In a joint hearing of the Senate, The founder of Facebook and the chief executive officer i.e. Mark Zuckerberg released a statement on behalf of Facebook. The statement is “We Were Too Slow”, a very smart and careful message on the basis of scandals about the data leak.

Facebook users are continuously complaining about the slow access and problems of Facebook. These problems may be related to login, timelines loading, photos and pages loading, Facebook slow games, chat related issue, and many other issues are there i.e. faced by users.

Why My Facebook is Loading Slow

There are many reasons due to which Facebook become slow. You can better understand by this example. Suppose, you have 2 fish pot. One is small and the other is bigger than the first one. Inside the bigger pot, there are only a few fishes. While, Inside the small pot, there are a lot of fishes. ” hope you identify the difference. If not, then continue.” You can see that in the small fish pot, there is a problem i.e. every fish can’t eat their food and the area is limited.

Now, come for the bigger pot. Here you can see that every fish have their food and they can easily eat and they have more area as compared to the small one. Similarly, with Facebook when there are limited users. They can access Facebook easily and rapid as compared to a lot of users. This can be other reasons for slow Facebook.

Server Issues

Usually, there is no issue with the server. In between user application and server, a lot of process OR steps or stages takes place. This may be web browser error  Or maybe network error and many more that slow down the speed.

Do you know?

  • It has more than 60.000 servers.
  • The Datacenter is based on “Self-Design Hardware” and now become “Open compute project”
  • 300 TB data stored in MEMCACHE Processes.
  • Now with HADOOP and HIVE, it has 300.000 servers with 12 TB Disks, 8 Cores, & 32GB RAM.( 24.000 CORES. 36PB Disks and 96TB RAM)
  • 100 Billion Hits, 3 Trillion Object cached, 130TB of Logs per day.

Now, come to the point. If we talk about Facebook Architecture. It includes front end, web server and, back end.

Facebook Architecture:

Front End: This includes visitors like you who access Facebook or their own data from the server through the Web Browser. You simply Request the data from Facebook and after processing, you will get the required data. The request of data and the processed data i.e. show on your browser is a part of the front end.

Web Server: A web server is a hub of Facebook data. Here all the data and information are store and retrieve according to our requirement.

Back End: The staff who is working for Facebook and provide data for you is known as back end. It includes the process of data when the user request from the server.

As per architecture, the problem can be at any stage like it can be front-End Or can be Back-End and maybe form server also.

Solution Tips:

On the basis of architecture, there are 3 tips to solve your related problem.

Check your internet connection

  • If slow: If your router supports 5GHz networking then go for it.

Switch to another router that has better speed If your internet speed is less than 2Mbps.

Another option is, switch Facebook app (lite).

  • If not slow: Check that is Facebook is down.

Delete Temp Files, cookies, disable plugins, disable flash, and disable anti-virus software.

Move to latest and better versions of a browser.

  • Other reasons:

Turn off FB chat.

Try on the latest and faster browser and have a better connection.

Try to use Facebook on mobile apps. Like Facebook lite.

Speed up your Slow Facebook: with step by step Solution

These are some solutions that will help you to speed up your slow Facebook. These are as follow:

1) Disable third-party Toolbars:

Click on Browser menu → choose tools → Extensions → to disable the enable box.

2) Remove real-time Ticker:

Open Facebook home page → click on hide Ticker at upper right corner.

3) Revert Facebook Photo Viewer:

All URL in the address bar of the chrome browser→ search for Revert FB Photo Viewer in search box→ Add to chrome


4) Browser Optimization:

You can use this tool to optimize- http://www.reginout.com/download/ibx

Download any internet optimizer→ select your current internet speed → to analyze → optimize.

5) Remove Facebook apps:

Select account setting from setting→ click apps at left-hand side → disable unwanted Facebook application→ delete all your activity on Facebook → click on the remove button.

6) Disable unwanted Plugins:

In address Bar type about: plugins → in the list disable unwanted plugins one by one.

Finally, we have discussed a lot of things about why Facebook is slow as well as how to fix it. You can use these steps and tips to speed up your slow Facebook. Hope, the article will prove to be useful to you. Thanks for visiting.

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