Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Facebook is the medium to connect a bunch of known people about there regular lifestyle. As Facebook indicates a lot of things about your living to the person who visits your profile either known to you or unknown. And every time a question arises in mind who viewed my Facebook profile? after any mishappening.

If you have properly used the privacy setting of Facebook the chances of profile hacking reduces but what if you haven’t used it yet? Is your Facebook profile is secure from hackers? In these cases, it’s important for you to have a proper diagnose over your profile privacy. You need to check, who views your Facebook profile? who downloads your pictures? to avoid profile hacking.

In present, every people uses the facebook account and everyone wants to know how many people visited their Facebook profile. Either it’s a boy or girl, either your crush or your family member, either some relative or someone else who views your profile. There are lots of online options available to check the regular visitor to your profile but many people using this third-party software get tricked by them. This software does not provide the correct information and just spams on your Facebook walls. So here, we will tell you some wonderful trick to know who viewed my facebook profile.

How to find out who viewed my facebook profile?

Although there are no established tricks to this within our study so, we came up with the simple tricks for you which need no downloading or installing an app. Some simple tricks to track the regular viewer to your page is given below try them and avoid profile hacking.

Manual process via profile Id

  • To know who views your facebook profile, login to your facebook account and click on your timeline page. If you are the new user of Facebook, then click on your profile picture and after this go to on your timeline page.
  • Right click on anywhere and open the page of “view page source option”. If you are using chrome then can type the only ctrl+u and the source page will be open. The page source will look something like this.

source page of Facebook

  • Press the key “ctrl+f” to open the search box at the top right corner of the source page.
  • Type “InitialChatFriendList” on there.

tab showing initialchatfriendlist

  • You will get a list of there which are some profiles who are recently checked your facebook profile.
  • Just type the profile id beside facebook.com URL  just like the example.

How to place uid in search box

  • The first profile id of the list is the regular visitors and the last profile id is the rarest viewer of your account.

Using the Chrome Extension

If you are using the extension and interested to know that who checked on your facebook profile then chrome extension might help you. These benefits are available for only chrome users who use google chrome browser to Login to their Facebook account. When you add the extension, a new option of “visitors” will be shown on the toolbar. This option will show between the “home” and the “friend request” option.

When you click on this “ visitors” option than who viewer uses this extension and visit your Facebook profile will be displayed. But the viewer does not use the same extension, will not be shown on the list.

If you are using the firefox or internet explorer then you can visit “profilevisitors.co/website”. Select browser from the list and install the script to add the same functionality to the other browsers. The profile visitors is totally free and it’s a nice extension which lets you see who viewed your facebook profile.  Remember that you can not find the person on facebook without login in.

If you are using the Android operating system in your phone then go to the play store and type “who viewed my profile” which helps you to find those people who visited on my facebook profile. But this application does not provide the correct information. These applications can be used for entertainment purposes only. So, use the correct method to check who viewed my Facebook profile.

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