Who is Following me on Facebook?       

If your account is public there is a chance you might have watching people in your every move. Facebook has many ways to connect with your friends and family. And keep the latest news and brands. If you are a person using Facebook and got many notifications. It is also possible that you missed that one and he is following you if people are following you and not requested you. Then they have a chance to keep your tabs without knowing you.

So you are wondering who is following me on Facebook. Before we know who is following me on Facebook lets come to know the difference between following and adding as a friend. When you send a friend request to a person and he accepts your request. Then you started to follow him and automatically he started following you back now you both can see all posts of each other until you didn’t hide your post from another person.

If you follow a person on Facebook and he is not in your friend list you can see his post in the news feed because they are made public. If you follow a person he will receive a notification from Facebook. And when you unfollow him he will not be notified.

Who is following me on Facebook

If you never made any adjustments in your privacy and you not seeing your notifications daily. You may have followed by another person and you didn’t know it. It means that people you didn’t add as a friend or accept friend request can see your post on the news feed.

To know who is following me on facebook:

  • Go on your profile page and click on friends and in this tab click on more 
  • Click on followers if you weren’t able to see any followers it means you have not any followers or you have not enabled.
  • If you want followers and didn’t want to keep friends on Facebook.
  • There is a button and this button allows everyone to follows you.
  • You have to open your Facebook settings and
  • Click on public posts now you can see who follows you.
  • If you unfollowed them they will not be notified.  

There’s other way to check who is following you on Facebook?

Yes, you also see who is following you in your settings.

  • In the right side click on the triangle icon.
  • Now on the left side, you can see public post option in this tab click on this.
  • Now you can see who can follow you.

Select friends or public to who can follow me. If you select public then everyone can follow you instead of this if you select friends then you can’t be followed by another person. Only your friend can follow you on Facebook.

If you are using mobile app

  • Open the Facebook app on your phone and click on the Facebook icon blue box.
  • If you have not an account in Facebook then create your account on Facebook.
  • Now open your account.
  • Click on the upper right corner of your screen your name will be at the top of your profile page.
  • Now scroll down and tap about.
  • It’s Open you about page and your follower’s page.
  • Now tap followed people, now you will see a number of people following you in top of your about page.

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