What to do if your Facebook account is hacked {Recovery}

Facebook account

Facebook is one of most top social media sites in the world, Facebook becomes an essential part of daily life in the face of Facebook account which is a social media site for Business, social relationships, communication and also Journalism,The Facebook account is also important for your professional life because it gets updated in every second which keeps you in touch with hole world live.

Facebook account was hacked

In the previous week, I had received a message from my brother it was strange, I was starting to think about because that kind of words was such a disaster for me. So I knew something is going wrong after that we got to know that his account was hacked by the hacker. Hacker is someone who gets access to your account without even you know them, that is called as unauthorized access.

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How do you know if your Facebook account is hacked

There are various ways from that you can assume it, but if you think it is, then make sure that your account is hacked or not in a simple way Just go to upper right side of your Facebook page click on arrow select setting then new window will open up click on security and login then you will be logged in,  it will show all devices the locations will pop up and if there is a login that doesn’t recognize by you then there are chances that you may be hacked, if you think that is not you then just click on not you ? to secure your account. For the diagnosis of your account, Facebook will show Get started option click on that Facebook will take you to secure your account.

  • Some instant signs of a hacked account such as
  • Your name, mobile number, Email, the password would be changed.
  • Feed feeds are showing on your profile that you don’t know.
  • Data transferred from your account that you don’t know.
  • Friend request of people who you don’t know them.

What to do if your Facebook account is hacked, or How to report Facebook account?

The term hack is now being a popular in world as the technologies is growing the security issue of data increases so as hacker, it is not something that your device you left somewhere and its used by your wife, friends, and family member anyone, the hacking is something which done forcefully and intentionally to access and get details of your data without your permission, and hacked data they use in wrong way that you don’t want to be in.

If your account is hacked try these things instantly.

Reset your password

If you sense about the hack so try to reset the password if it is changed by hackers so take help of www.Facebook.com to open on the web and click on forgot your password? and try to reset it with your email and phone number or with profile details such as security question, tags, posts etc.

By email, facebook sends you to code on email your account and reset the password by putting the code, if it’s not done then click on the use the no longer have access to these ? by this Facebook will ask you that how they can reach you to verify your identity? but this will take some time.

Remove untrusted apps

It becomes important to uninstall the malicious apps who are accessing your data on Facebook, you don’t know about them but they always in touch with your sensitive data, for this kind of reasons Facebook was suspended 200 apps that were accessing a large amount of user data.

Sometimes user uses new apps which asks you to log in with Facebook which seems easier but trusts me “why they ask you to continue with Facebook ” they put your privacy in danger.

  • To remove that app from Facebook.
  • Log in to Facebook go to settings
  • Click on apps
  • On the right side click X to revoke the access to your data.
  • Finally, remove that app.

Report it as my account is compromised

If you feel that something is happening which is not done by you such as spreading the virus and sending spams any forms to you and with your friends then please click on “My account is compromised” Facebook helps you and provides regain your control to account.

Change the things to normal and improve Security

Once you regain access to your account information to your friends with messages or with one post about what happened so they get aware of that.

Just review your settings as you like to get better privacy and security for That.

  • Log in to Facebook account and click on settings- to update and review your date of birth, contact number, and provide an additional email.
  • Click on security and login
  • In this just highly recommend you to set up extra security sections such as two-factor authentication and also 2-3 trusted Facebook friends that they can help you to recover to get back your account if you locked out.
  • Limited the this to friends more than public such as friend requests accessing friend lists and posts to be in restricted also.

We recommend you few tips to secure your account

  1. To factor authentication
  2. Change your password within 45 days
  3. The password should include the number, capital small letters, symbols.
  4. Restrict your account settings such as private public.
  5. Add extra email id, update latest contact number.
  6. Restrict the things who can find you on search from (email, contact number).

Let’s take some questions

How to recover hacked Facebook account without email.

You may be able to access to your account with alternate mail id or mobile number that you have provided to your account, you can also get help from friends.

Remember that you will only if you set them up, to review these options got to Facebook

Log in to the Facebook page.

Click on forgot account.

You will see the account listed if not fill out the form to the identity of your account.

Select contact resource given on your account to have a password reset link sent to you, if you can’t access your contact number email, then click on no longer have access to these?

Facebook account hacked and password changed

Report compromised account- They will check through reclaiming your account and verifying that who you are.

Facebook help center-They provides you with more information on how to keep your account safe once you regain access.

How to get back hacked facebook account with the old password

  1. For this contact facebook or log in to the facebook page
  2. Click on my account is compromised.
  3. Search your account with (email, contact number, login name).
  4. Enter your old password the original password that you used before your account was hacked.
  5. Click on reset my password button.
  6. If hacker changed your email also then click on “no longer have access to these”?
  7. Now provide the new mail on that you want the password link,
  8. If this option doesn’t work so contact the Facebook help centre.

We hope this will provide you with the solution to your problem with a hacked facebook Account.

If you are facing any problems related to Facebook and account related queries feel free to contact us 24/7 we are here to help you.

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