Top 10 questions related to Facebook Games and Facebook Games payment

Today you will see that all the Facebook users play online Facebook games. There are millions of active monthly Facebook users. The most popular game on Facebook was Candy Crush Saga which had approx 50 million active users, past month.

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, thus it allows multiplayer games functionality. You can play and enjoy games with your Facebook friends. It makes socializing more enjoyable. Facebook-to-mobile a cross-platform for games was developed in 2011. Since then it has emerged as one of the largest games networks in the world. Most of the games on Facebook are free. For some, of the games you need to make payments. There are many questions in the minds of the users about those payments. So here we provide you fix for those questions and problem.

The common questions related to Facebook games payment

How can you use the Facebook account balance to buy items for Facebook Games?

The Facebook uses the money in your Facebook game card to make the purchases which are ordering. The balance in the Facebook games cards is for that very purpose only. For further purchases, Facebook uses money from your Facebook account.

When you buy an item for a Facebook game, you can see your Facebook account balance below the price of that item.

If you don’t have enough balance in your account. Then you will be charged with whatever is in your account. After that, you will have to pay rest of the balance using Facebook payment methods.

How is a user billed for purchasing Facebook games using credit or debit card?

If you want to know about this you can visit your Facebook payment history. There from the Facebook settings go to the payment section to view it.

While you are viewing your Facebook payment settings, keep in mind.

  • Charges for Facebook games are always made from the credit and debit card. The charges made will be “listed” as “being purchased” from Facebook games.
  • In most of the cases Facebook groups the purchases together. This means that the individual in-game purchases are combined together before the payments are made.

If you further face any issue related to Facebook games or Facebook games payment you can visit the Facebook help center. You can also report your problem there to Facebook.

Can I give my Facebook card to a Facebook friend or family member?

The answer to this Facebook question is “Yes”. You can give your Facebook game card to your Facebook friends. But the condition is the card has been activated by the retailer and you have not redeemed the card. These are the things you should take care.

  • Always remember that your friend has logged in to correct Facebook account while he is redeeming the Facebook game card.
  • If you have already started using your Facebook game card then is it not possible. As the balances cannot be transferred from one Facebook account to another.
  • It is recommended not give your Facebook games card to anyone. As this will reveal all your personal information and payment information.
  • You must always check your payment history if your friends or family have used your Facebook games card. As most of the users save their Facebook payment information to their account.

This will help you keep your personal and payment information safe. And you must always try not share your Facebook games card with anyone.

How to cancel a Facebook game or app subscription?

Many apps and games offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions to its users on Facebook. This sets up an automatic monthly payment method from your Facebook account. If you have set up a monthly subscription or subscriptions you can cancel at any time. Follow these instructions to cancel your Facebook apps subscription.

  • Login to your Facebook account using your Facebook username and password.
  • Now click on the arrow icon on the top right corner of your Facebook screen.
  • Go the “Settings”, which is second last option in the drop-down list.
  • Click on “Payments” to the left of your Facebook page.
  • Now visit your “Facebook payment settings”.
  • Below “Subscriptions, click on “Deactivate” next to the subscriptions you want to cancel.

When you cancel a Facebook subscription, it comes into effect at the end of your billing period. This will help you prevent future charges to your Facebook account. But you will continue to receive the benefits till your current billing period ends.

How to make in-game purchases on Facebook?

If you want to make in-game purchases through Facebook you must use laptop or computer. To make in-game purchases follow the steps below.

  • Click on any item you want to buy that may be game coins or cash.
  • Now click on “Add new payment ” or choose from the already added payment methods.
  • Select the “Mobile Phone” and the country associated with that mobile phone number.
  • There will a prompted screen to enter the mobile phone number. Click “Continue” after you have entered the mobile number.

The Facebook mobile payment providers are “Zong” and “Boku”. You will receive a text message with instructions from them. Your Facebook screen will also update with the instructions when required. And the charges will go on your mobile or prepaid accounts.

Note- If you use mobile phones for making payments then Facebook does not provide support. As Google play store or App stores make all the purchases from the mobiles.

What payment methods can you use for Facebook Games?

The Facebook supports more than 80 payment methods around the world. Here is a list of commonly used Facebook payment methods for game purchases.

  • All credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and so on.
  • Paypal
  • Mobile
  • Facebook Games card
  • Various other local payment methods.

There are chances that at times several payment methods do not work. There can be any reason for that like maintenance on the website. This helps Facebook make the user experience more safe and secure.

What type of credit cards can you use for making in-game purchases on Facebook?

Facebook uses many types of credit and debit cards for making in-game purchases. The types of credit or debit cards are:

  • Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and so on.
  • Co-branded debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

So these are the most commonly used Facebook payment methods. So this is what you can use to do payments on Facebook.

How to update primary PayPal method for use on Facebook games?

Many times the users get to face Facebook problems. These problems can be about payments of the Facebook games. So here are the steps you need to follow to update PayPal method.

  • First, visit PayPal website and then login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the “Settings” in the top right corner.
  • Now click on “Payments”. And then on “manage preapproved payments”.
  • You will see Facebook Inc. as one of your merchants.
  • After that click on “Set Available Funding sources”.
  • Choose which payment methods you like to use for future “Facebook Payments”.

If you want to link your PayPal account to your Facebook games account. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Choose the Facebook games you want to make purchases.
  • After that choose the items like coins, cards, token etc you want to buy.
  • Now select “Payment method” and after that select “PayPal”.
  • When you click on “Buy”, you will have to login to your PayPal account. Then you can complete your billing agreement with Facebook. Once the agreement has been set up you make future payments using PayPal.

If you have any further issues related to the payments of Facebook games, then contact report problem to Facebook.

How to add or remove a Facebook payment method from Facebook games account?

Adding or removing Facebook payment methods is a very common problem faced by most of the users. Here are the steps needed to be followed to add a Facebook payment method to Facebook games account.

  • Open your Facebook account and login using your Facebook username and Facebook password.
  • Now click on down arrow icon to the top right of your Facebook screen.
  • Choose “Facebook settings” from the drop-down menu which appears in the second last position.
  • After that choose “Payments” from the left side of your Facebook page.
  • Now go to “Account settings” of the Facebook payment section.
  • Below the “Payment Methods” click on “Add Payment Methods” to add a new method.

If you want to delete a Facebook payment games method, follow as under.

  • Follow all the procedures until you reach “Account Settings”.
  • Now below the “Payment Methods” click on “Remove Payment Methods” to remove old methods.

Note- You need to add a new Payment method before removing a Primary payment method from your Facebook ads manager.

How to change currency for payment of Facebook games?

The currency for the payment depends on the place you are staying. If you want to change the currency when you change a place, you can do with the help of Facebook settings. So here are the instructions to be followed for changing the currency on Facebook.

  • Login to your Facebook account using the email address and password.
  • Click on the down arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook screen.
  • Choose “settings” from the drop-down menu of the Facebook menu.
  • On the left side of your Facebook page choose “Payments”.
  • Now go forward to the “Account Settings” options second one list.
  • Choose the currency you want to add to your Facebook games account. And then click on “Save changes”.

Note- After changing your preferred currency you have to wait for 72 hours to change it again.

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