Selling on Facebook: Join Facebook Marketplace

Do you know about the Facebook marketplace Or Facebook store? If not, then you are just wasting your time sliding the Facebook page. But, if you are reading this article. You will get much information that will help you to set up your own Facebook commerce.

Looking to sell your product just by snap and sell through your mobile phones. Then Selling on Facebook is best, safe and, easy platform to sell Or to start your own business that will help you to top up your income.

Facebook online marketplace/store:

It is a platform where you can exchange your product at a specific price. In other words,” sell/ purchase products by snap and sell”. Facebook page is the platform that offers to sell or purchase products over Facebook.

In the above figure, you can see the Facebook marketplace or Facebook page ”Business page”. Here, Facebook offers a lot of features in the store. You only need to aware of each facility.

Now, To start your own marketplace or F-commerce you only need to create your business page on Facebook.

Users simply visit your marketplace and click on your store tab to purchase your products directly.

How to join Facebook Marketplace for selling on Facebook:

There are some simple steps to create your marketplace and start your own business. These are as follow:

  • Log into Facebook and click on the marketplace at the left side.
  • Add the required details as mentioned in the fields. Such as title, description, price, location, and category.
  • Take a snap of your product for sale.
  • At last click on a post.

There are some other apps and websites builders that offer Quick access to Facebook store and allow you to create easily. Such apps are Shopify and BigCommerce and the website builder is Wix.

Facebook ads:

A Facebook ad is a collection of headlines, text, description, caption, and image that represent your whole products. Ad or post advertising is just a promoter that promotes your marketplace or your products.

The main working of Facebook ads is to promote your product as well as help users to find your marketplace through your products ads.

Benefits of the Facebook marketplace:

If you’re going to start your small business over Facebook marketplace then, you should know about it and how much it will help to grow your business. Here are some benefits listed below-

Easy to use:

The Facebook marketplace offers a very simple way to business. If you are using the app then need not to worry about how to manage or to post. You only need to snap your product and sell it.

To make it easier, FB marketplace offers filter feature. It includes location, categories price level and many other beneficial options.

Simple to create/ start:

As we discussed above that how to join FB marketplace. Which includes simple steps to start your business for Selling on Facebook.

Auto Sync location:

In mobile phones, enter your location and after sync, FB marketplace shows your nearby product.


It offers communities, here seller can communicate with each follower. You can also create your own community for your related business.

10 photo per listing:

At the time of posting products, you can add 10 pictures per listing that will represent the product briefly.


FB marketplace allows direct communication between buyer and sellers. This makes a safe and affordable exchange of products.


Facebook offers you a platform. Where you can sell your products. There is no partnership on Facebook with your profits. It means that the whole profit will go into your pocket.

Billions of users:

According to a survey, about 1.86 billion users monthly visit Facebook as well as the marketplace.


Facebook helps you to make money by using its free marketplace platform. You can easily start your own business and expand as per your visitor’s increase. Try to make your own business independently and become successful.

Hope this article will help you to move on a snap and sell strategy and can easily create and use each feature of Facebook.

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