How To Recover Facebook Password Without Confirmation Reset Code ?

Reset Facebook password without conformation code

Today’s Facebook is one of the famous social media of the whole world. Almost billions of people connected to each other. User easily update your image, video, audio, feed news and perform other activities at anytime anywhere. Really it is highly usable platform. Facebook users access your account regularly but sometime the people face many Problems. Recover Facebook password is one of the most common issue which are faced by the Facebook user. While using your Facebook account.

Therefore, It is the big task for people “How can recover or reset Facebook Login password” and “How can resolve this problem”.

When you forget password of your Facebook account and try find the solution how to recover it. Now we discuss about the recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code.You can read properly given steps and follow them.

Step 1: Login Facebook account.

First -of- all, Open Facebook account Login page of any browser And enter the Facebook ID in Login address box which you want to recover Facebook password. Then click on “Recover your account”.

Step 2: Open a new Tab of any browser.

Visit this site, the show on the screen your account has been compromised by another person or virus, then click the “My account is compromised” button.

Step 3: Identification

You need to identify your account, Show on the screen Facebook Recover Page form to enter an email address you previously added to your Facebook account. It don’t have then use your Facebook user-name. After that Click, “Search” button.

Step 4: Enter current or old password

Enter the current or old password, If you remember password then you will access your account again if it is wrong don’t worry, Click “Continue”.

Step 5: Choose the email Option for verified the account.

Choose any option for verified your Facebook account, then Click “Continue”.

Step 6: Check your Gmail account

Show on screen security verification page. Don’t fill security code on security code box.You will click on“Did not get the code?” link. Then Click “Continue”.

After that Go to your Gmail account then Check your mail inbox to click the link to change your Facebook password or just copy and place it into a browser.

 Step 7: Choose the new password

In this step requires, enter a new password, you are to provide the password via your Gmail account. You will easily remember and as well strong or not to be guessed by anyone. Then click “continue “.

Step 8: Again Login Facebook account

Finally, your Facebook password to recover without confirmation reset code.

You can Login your Facebook account with a new password then your account is accessible like before.

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