Methods of Hide Friends, Friend List and Mutual Friends on Facebook from Public?

Privacy is very important for Facebook. Keeping this in mind I tell about what are those methods of hiding friends, friend list and mutual friends on Facebook from the public. If you want privacy on your Facebook profile and hide your friend list from publicly then you can change your default Facebook setting.

Facebook is a famous free social networking website that lets in registered customers to create profiles, add pics and video, send messages and hold in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. But on Facebook, when you meet with a new friend, they normally see your all friends by facebook default setting. But you don’t want that friend to know about another friend that you may have. Maybe your friends with two people who were together, but are now split up and hate each other.

If you are not know how to use don’t worry. Follow the steps described below to get the job done:

There are two methods to hide friends on facebook from other friends

  1. By facebook setting.
  2. By facebook profile friend list.

First method

hide my friend’s list on facebook by facebook setting.

  1. Open your facebook account.
  2. Click on the icon button that shows on the diagram.
  3. Select the setting option that is shown in the list.
  4. After click on setting option opens a new page.
  5. Then select Privacy.
  6. After select privacy option then open a new page privacy setting and tools.
  7. In the above page, you are seeing two options in bold text format Your activity and How people can find and contact you.
  8. Then find the option who can see your friends list and click on Edit.
  9. When you click on the edit button when you see a new button whose default setting is public.
  10. Click on the button and then four options are open to select only me option.
  11. When you click on this option your Facebook friend list is hidden for your friends, people or from the public.

Second method

hide friend list on facebook from the public or anyone by facebook profile friend list.

  1. Open facebook account on the browser.
  2. Open your Facebook profile.
  3. Click on Friends whose locating on the top.
  4. After choosing this option open a new page and show your all friends. Then you can see two options below this bar on the right side corner.
  5. Select the manage button.
  6. Click on the button and select Edit privacy.
  7. Then open a new dialogue message.
  8. Click on the public button and select only me option from the drop-down list representing the Who can see my friend list option.
  9. Then Click on done and close the dialog box. Now your friend list is hidden for anyone.

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