Facebook notifications- A guide to help you manage your Facebook Notifications

The Facebook notifications are the updates about various activities you do on Facebook. The Facebook notifications cannot be turned off completely. But the Facebook users are provided with the options to adjust their notifications. The users generally get the options to adjust what they want to see and how they want to see their notification.

Further talking about the notifications there are three types of notification that the Facebook provides to all its users. Sometimes many of the Facebook users are quite confused about how should they manage their notifications. In such cases go through the information provided below for you.

How to manage “Push Facebook Notifications”?

The Facebook notifications which generally appear on the screen of the device when it is locked are referred to as Facebook push notification. Such type of notifications generally appears in the form of banner or any other format. The questions which generally worry the users about the Facebook notifications are:

How to manage mobile push notifications from Facebook?

These Facebook notifications are generally which are sent by someone who is not actively using the Facebook app. If you are looking for changes in your Facebook notifications then answer for you lies below.

The steps to adjust push notifications:

  • Tap the icon which you see on your Facebook app screen.
  • Now tap on “Notification settings”.
  • There you will get options to adjust how you receive notifications. And the things you want to receive notifications from Facebook.

How to turn off “Facebook push notifications”?

If you are frustrated with the push Facebook notifications that you receive from Facebook. And you want to turn off the Facebook push notifications completely. Here is what you need to do if you want to turn them off.

For iOS Facebook app users

Follow these simple steps to turn off the push Facebook notification on your iOS devices.

  • Tap on the icon which you see on your device screen.
  • Now tap on “Facebook Notifications” on the screen of your device.
  • Move forward to the “Facebook”.
  • After that tap on “Allow notifications” to turn off notifications from Facebook.
For Android Facebook app users

The Facebook users who are using Facebook from Android devices. Follow these simple steps to turn off push notifications on your Android devices.

  • Open the settings of your android device.
  • Now tap on the “Applications” and move forward to “Application manager”.
  • Look for “Facebook” and now tap on “Notifications”.
  • Turn off the notifications from the Facebook.

How to turn off/on Facebook push notifications through “Google Chrome”?

The Facebook users who are looking to manage their notification settings can get help here. For the users who prefer to use Facebook from Chrome, here are the steps to be followed. You need to have the latest version of the Google Chrome for push Facebook notifications.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and go to the Facebook official site.
  • Now login to your Facebook account.
  • Look for the icon on the top right of your Facebook screen.
  • Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Now click on “Notifications” on the Left side of the Facebook screen.
  • Click on “Desktop and Mobile” which appears third and click on “edit”.
  • You will a green color “Turn on” button, click on that to turn on notifications.
  • If you want to turn off notification from Facebook then simply click on “Turn off”.

How to manage “Facebook Email Notifications”?

The email notifications are the updates which are received in the form of emails. The users are sent emails by the Facebook from facebookmail.com. This is the official mailing address used by them. And any other mailing is not used by Facebook. The email notifications cannot be turned off completely. But the Facebook provides options to its users to manage email notifications.

The Facebook users need to follow the following steps to adjust the email notifications from Facebook.

  • Click on the icon which you see in the top right corner of your Facebook screen.
  • Choose “Facebook Settings” from the drop-down menu of Facebook.
  • Now choose “ Notifications” on the left side of your Facebook screen.
  • Go to “Email” which appears second on the list.
  • Now you can manage your Facebook email notifications from the option provided as :
    • What you will receive.
    • Live video settings.
    • Offer settings.
    • The notifications you have turned off.
  • From there you can adjust how often you want to receive emails from Facebook. And about what you want to receive emails from Facebook.

Note- But the notifications which are from outside the Facebook can always be turned off completely.

How to manage “Facebook Text Notifications”?

These are the update which the users receive from the Facebook on their registered mobile number. The updates are sent in the form of text messages. It is a really important feature as it lets Facebook users connect to each other with data consumption. The text Facebook notifications are sent about messages, posts, requests and so on.

The Facebook users can manage their notification really easily. Follow these simple steps to manage text notifications.

  • Click on the icon in the top right corner of your Facebook screen.
  • From the drop-down menu choose “Settings”.
  • Now click on mobile from the list mentioned on the left side.
  • If you have not added any mobile number you first need to add a mobile number.
  • After you have added the mobile click on “Activate Text Messaging”.

Once you have added a mobile number yo Facebook. And activated Text messaging on Facebook, you will receive text messages from Facebook. The users also get options to update their Facebook accounts by sending a text message.

Facebook notification problems and their fix.

Here we have mentioned the common Facebook notifications problem. Answer related to all your question which come to your mind like what to do and how to do. All such queries are answered here.

Not receiving Facebook email notifications

If you are a Facebook user who is not receiving an email Facebook notifications, you need to check for the below mentioned aspects.

  • It might be the case that you would have turned the email notifications off. In such case, first turn on the email notifications from the settings.
  • If you are using a filter in your email account. Then it is possible the emails from the Facebook might be redirected to spam or junk folder. Then first add the URL facebookmail.com to safe sender list. Now check again your notifications.
  • One might be facing this issue because of the email provider not allowing mail from the domain. In such case, it is better to contact your internet service provider.
  • If you are still facing an issue with the same then it is better to contact Facebook help center or to report the Facebook problem.

Did not receive a confirmation code to setup Facebook text notification.

Mostly the Facebook users do not face such type of problems. But if you are among the few users who are facing such a problem then try following these steps:

  • Check if you have sent a message to correct number. If you have sent the message to correct number then contact your service provider. It might a problem caused by his side.
  • You might be using a signature in your text messages. The messages which contain signatures are not entertained by Facebook. So try removing the signatures before sending the message again.
  • Wait for atleast 24 hours before sending the message again. Sometimes there might be delivery delay issues.
  • If still, you are not able to set your text notification then report a problem to the Facebook help center.

Not receiving Facebook text notifications.

You have added your mobile number to Facebook account and you are still not getting text Facebook notifications. Then you might be facing a problem because of the following aspects:

  • Firstly check the mobile number you have added to your Facebook account. It is possible that you have added some other number or wrong number.
  • If you added the correct number to your Facebook account. Then try to remove and again add your number to Facebook.
  • Check the other things like the network coverage of your phone and storage of your device.
  • If you have checked all the things and you still continue to face the problem, then report the problem to Facebook.

Receiving mail or text Facebook notifications from an unknown Facebook account.

If you did not opt for text notification or receiving notification from an unknown account, the case might be:

  • Someone tried to add your mobile number or email address to his account.
  • Might have created a new account using your email address or phone number.
  • A possibility of adding your number or email address due to a typing mistake. If you are facing a Facebook problem because of the above mentioned points then here is what you need to do solve your problem.
    • You can try to add your email address to your Facebook address this will remove other email address from your account.
    • If you are receiving an email notification and you don’t have a Facebook account. Then you can “Unsubscribe” it with the help of the unsubscribe button at top or bottom of emails.
    • You can remove the mobile number from settings. Now you can add your mobile number to your account. And always remember to authenticate it with the help of Facebook OTP number.
    • By replying “STOP” to the text notification, you should stop receiving Facebook text notifications.

If you are not able to fix the Facebook notifications problem then the best option available is to report the Facebook problem to the Facebook help center.

The ultimate solution

If you have tried all the hacks and tricks. You are still not able to get a solution. As Facebook does not provide technical support or call assistance. You can find the solution to all your Facebook notifications problem from the experts. 

You will best and ultimate solution to all your Facebook problems. And you don’t have to wait for the answers. And they don’t even charge you for the services offered.

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