Interesting Facts about Facebook {Things you want to Know}


The Facebook

No.1 social networking site in the world. So we have taken this topic as “Interesting Facts about Facebook” we can say that Just like hunger needs food, human needs Facebook, in today’s world because people can’t live without food and can’t stay without Facebook. Facebook is basically is an American social networking service which is located in California (Menlo, Park USA). facebook is one place which provides you a unique world on that you get connected with almost every country in the world and also your friends and Family with 24/7 with just one click.

History of Facebook

As we already mentioned that it is a social networking site which needs internet connectivity to be with it. The Facebook was launched on 4th February 2004 In California by the Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates in Harvard University. The first headquarter was Dublin (Ireland) but now as Facebook grown day by day, Facebook has major headquarters in three countries such as Menlo Park, California USA, Dublin Ireland, Hyderabad India, Theses are three major headquarters in the world. Now Facebook by the current record is 2.20 billion monthly active users in the world.

Top interesting facts about Facebook

Why is the color of Facebook blue?

The reason was simple as per new yorker it was because Mark Zuckerberg has a Red-Green Colorblind. Which means color that mark can see the best is Blue. The statement of mark Zuckerberg about this was “he said Blue is Richest color to me, As I can see all Blue”.

How “” become “facebook”?

As in 2004 February Mark Zuckerberg launched the “The Facebook” it was the original name of today’s Facebook The name was Taken from Sheets of paper distributed to freshman, students, and staffs. Actually, the mark has already wanted the name as but while the registration the domain name was already taken by about-face, corp. But after watching the growth of “” one day Sean Parker and Napster come along and they suggested to drop Famous “the” which cost $200.00 After that site is changed along with the domain.

Interesting facts about Facebook you may don’t know.

cant block mark zuckerberg

  1. You can block anyone on Facebook but you can’t block Founder Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.
  2. You can change your language on Facebook to pirate.
  3. One early Facebook Function was File sharing.
  4. Australians spend time on Facebook is more than any country in the world as the average of (7 Hours in a Day).
  5. California is huge on Facebook with 15 million users which are 41% of the Population.
  6. A facebook employees hoodie was sold for $4000 on eBay.
  7. Facebook has over 500 million users in which 54% are Female as compared to Male users.
  8. There are about 30 Million Dead people on Facebook.
  9. Several people have been murdered For unfriending someone on Facebook.
  10. Facebook was blocked in China and also in Pakistan.
  11. The 70% of Facebook users are live outside of the USA.
  12. The average Facebook users have 130 Friends.
  13. If Facebook were a country it would be 3rd largest in the world.
  14. Facebook is the Second biggest traffic behind Google.
  15. Facebook is available in more than 70 different languages.
  16. Facebook ranks no.1 in the worlds most blocked websites.
  17. The most popular Facebook page is Michael Jackson.
  18. The year in 2010, 60 billion pictures were uploaded on Facebook in which Female users uploaded a large number of photos as compared to male users.
  19. Yahoo Inc was offered $1 billion to Facebook to get merged with it but Mark Zuckerberg was refused that and now Facebook values $50 billion and Yahoo values $21 billion.
  20. Facebook makes his money through advertising and virtual products.
  21. Total 6,00,000 hackings are made every day on Facebook Accounts.
  22. Facebook tracks which site you visit even if you have signed out.
  23. At a time women were given a jail for 20 Months because of creating the fake Facebook profile to send abusive messages to herself.
  24. In 2006 Facebook hired a Person (Chris Putnam) who has been hacked Facebook profiles.
  25. You can convert your “Facebook profile To Facebook Page“.

Facebook: Source of divorce.

As I have taken separately because its an amazing and shocking fact in a report found that One of five divorces is caused by Facebook, Even a lawyer in the USA has agreed to this Fact.

Facebook account after you died

What happens with your Facebook Account after You die?

If a user Die, your relative or friend can request to Facebook for your Facebook profile to become memorialized, The person requests to Facebook would have to provide some proof that you die, the documents like Death certificates. But remember that photos and posts you have shared on Facebook will stay visible, but no one can log in your account Anymore.

I hope the information I have provided will increase your knowledge about the Facebook and also aware with some important aspects of Facebook with related your profile on Facebook if you have any kinds of questions related to Facebook you can contact to us we will here to help You.

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