How to use Facebook Messenger App?

Messenger is the feature of Facebook which we can use without opening the Facebook App. Facebook has developed a dedicated app for its users. It is the mobile app that allows its user to chat with their Facebook friends. Facebook messenger is the messaging app that replaces the messaging abilities in facebook on mobile phones.

If you are using Facebook messenger app, then you might be familiar with its most exciting features available. In the messenger, you can chat with most advanced features such as emoji, stickers, gif and changing the message color etc. Messenger updates this app on a regular basis with new features.

Steps for using Facebook messenger app

Installing messenger

  • Open the play store on your mobile:
  • You can download the messenger app by searching for messenger in the search box.
  • Type “messenger” on the search bar of the play store and find out the official app from Facebook having the icon as shown,

Messenger app download

  • After finding app tap the “Install” button to download and install the app.

How to Log in to Facebook Messenger?

After Installing, you can log in to the messenger with a Facebook account. If you have not a Facebook account then you can also log in with your phone number but this will allow only you to chat with people in your contact list on your phone. So, try logging into Facebook messenger through your Facebook account to have the liberty to chat with anyone you like.

How to Chat with friends on Facebook Messenger?

The Facebook Messenger app makes the conversation easy and exciting. It has the feature to conduct audio call, video call along with chatting. The chatting process involves lots of stickers, gif, videos and youtube sharing option. Some of the advantages of using Facebook Messenger app rather than other apps are given below,

1) View your facebook conversations

When you open your Facebook messenger app, you will see all of the Facebook conversations in the recent tab. Tap any of these conversations to open them.

2) Start new conversations

If you want to create a new message from the recent tab then tap the “new message” button.

3) Add friends to the Facebook messenger

After starting a new message, the person will be shown on a friend list. You can tap any friend on this list. You can also add any group that you have created and you can add the external friend by typing in names after selecting the first recipient.

4) Write a message

At the bottom of the conversion is a text box “write a message” displayed. You can write a message on this.

5) Tap the emoji button to insert emoji

If you want to send your emotions or feeling by emoji then you can tap this button, select any emoji and send to your friends. This option will replace your onscreen keyboard with the emoji keyboard.

emoji option in messenger

6) Tap to the like button to send a thumbs up

If you have not typed anything, you will have notice button next to the text field. When your friend sends you some interesting text messages, you can send this thumbs up.

special emoji on messenger

How to Send, image stickers, GIFs, and audio notes?

Facebook Messenger contains lots of option of sharing Images, Gif, Audio message, Games and Pictures on click to the friends of messenger and you can find these option beside the thumbs up icon as shown in the above picture. Find the points below to execute your choices,

  • Tap the camera option to take and send a picture or video
  • The gallery button and send a picture from your device.
  • Tap the smiley button to send stickers.
  • Tap the GIF button to find and send an animated GIF.
  • The microphone button and send an audio note.

How to Make a phone or a video call on Facebook Messenger?

  • Open a conversation with the person you want to call.
  • Tap the phone or video call button initiate a call.

audio and video call option

How to Share your location with friends on Messenger?

  • Move the pin to the location you want to share.
  • Tap “send” to the send location of your pin.
  • Open a conversation.
  • Tap “…” and then tap “location”.

You can use these features while using the Facebook messenger app. These features are available on the phone as well as desktop. You can turn the chat “ON” or “OFF” if you don’t want to chat with anyone.

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