How to Post the YouTube Video on Facebook?

Facebook and YouTube both are social networking sites. Facebook is basically used for communication and other sharing purposes, whereas, YouTube is used for the uploading and sharing of the videos. Facebook also share videos but YouTube has a high amount of videos to upload and share. You can connect your Facebook as well as a YouTube channel in order to have more views. And for this social sharing, you should know how to post the YouTube video on Facebook.

If you want to search for any topic then you can search on YouTube and find results for your topic. Some people upload YouTube video on Facebook for more views from their Facebook friend list. It helps to provide some information to your Facebook friend with the help of a YouTube video.

When you post YouTube videos on Facebook then your all friend on Facebook can view these videos. If any user can create a YouTube channel and upload a video on YouTube and share this on Facebook then, Facebook attracts all the member of the user account to watch the video. Then views are automatically increased and it’s possible to increases in the subscription too. Now we share some steps that show how to upload the YouTube video on Facebook.

Steps to Post the YouTube video on Facebook

Step 1:

First of all, open the YouTube application. If you want to create your own channel or upload a video then you have to create a channel on YouTube. In other cases, if you want only share a video from other YouTube channels then you have to search for a video. Select one video from YouTube if you want to share on Facebook.

Step 2:

After this, if your selection is done then, click on the share button from the YouTube. This button is located on the bottom of the YouTube video. If you click the share button then YouTube gives you permission to post this video on the other sites.sharing option provided by youtube

Step 3:

You can see the number of sharing sites provided by YouTube. If you want to post the video on this site then you can simply click on the app icon. If your desired app is not provided to share then, you can just copy the given URL or link as shown in the image above by selecting it.

Step 4:

If you have a Facebook account then open your account for share the YouTube video. If you have not any account the create a Facebook account. You can post this video on your profile or you can also share this on your page and group.

Step 5:

You can add this link on the share box or you can easily paste this link. Click on the share or update button for sharing this video. So your YouTube video is shared on the Facebook profile or on other.

YouTube videos are shared for some informational purpose or the user can increase the popularity of the video with the help of the Facebook account. If the user uses to post some advertisement video on facebook then advertisement takes zero cost. Facebook helps with sharing videos, photos, and links.

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