How to download Facebook data?

How to download Facebook data

How to download Facebook data?

Facebook built a self-service tool to offer people to download your personal data from your account and save it on your devices.

If you have a query regarding your Facebook Account Something to fix up like password recovery, Facebook hacked account recovery and any services you want from our techies you are free to contact to our Facebook Support.

To download Facebook data you have to follow below mentioned steps:

1.Click the arrow at the top right of any Facebook page.

2.Select “Settings”.

3.Click “Download a copy” of your Facebook Data below General Accounting setting.

How to download data from Facebook?

If you feel stuck in any at any position, you can take help from our Facebook Helpline Team.

4.Choose “Start My Archive”.

How to download data from Facebook?

For completing the data download process you have to confirm your identity. You will not be able to access the information until you have completed security check.

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