How to Create Facebook frames Overlay from frame studio and submit.

The Facebook frames is a new feature that is launching by Facebook. Where peoples are customized their photos and videos at the front-and-centre of social interactions. Facebook frames overlay is a technique used to create custom overlay frames. Today, Facebook is unveiling a new tool that will permit anyone, such as Facebook Page owners, to create custom profile frames for users’ photos.

Using a simple online tool that doesn’t require any technical abilities only graphic design skills.

Follows these steps create a free Facebook Overlay Profile Frame.

  1. Open Your Facebook account on the browser.
  2. Go to Facebook Camera Effects Page or click on the link “”.
  3. After opening this page scroll down and click on Create a Frame button.
  4. After Click on the button opens a new popup window and press Get Started button.
  5. Then will open a new dialogue box and click on upload Art. You can upload any png or jpeg graphics.
  6. After upload pic chooses actions from the action menu.
  7. In the above dialogue box, you see another option preview format that tells what is the preview of your image in mobile.
  8. Then you click on the Next button.
  9. Fill up the text fields and then press the Next button.
  10. 8. After press, the next button will open a new window dialogue box and then click on the publish button.
  11. After click on publish button, it takes some processing and at last your Facebook frame is created.

It takes four or five days for approval. when approved, your followers will then be capable to add your frame to their respective pics from the camera Effects Platform. We hope this blog provides you with complete information about  Facebook frames Overlay from frame studio and enjoy this blog.

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