How to Copy and Paste on Facebook?

As you know that Facebook is one of the social networking sites that is used by millions or trillions of users. Facebook is a social networking site that is in use all around the world. Facebook website is launched in 2004. It is designed and developed to connect people all over the world. With the development of Facebook, you can connect huge people who live all over the world and it updates its features allowing you to change your profile, share, copy and paste on the Facebook page.

Facebook can be accessed from a very large range of devices. But to access this amazing social site, you need an internet connection in your device. To use this social networking site, you can install it on your device or you can operate it from the web. Firstly, you need to register on Facebook. After registering is done, users can connect with their school friends, college friends and others that are living all over the world.

What task can you perform on Facebook?

Users can fill their own details in Facebook profile section like- birthday, relationship status, languages, about their schools in which they studying or studied, about their colleges etc. Users can find the friends through school name, college name, company name or city name and can send the friend request to those peoples.

After a friend request is accepted, the users can send a message to its own friends or family member. Users can create many groups on Facebook and add the members to which the users want to add. After that, the members can send messages to each other. If the user wants to send the same message or post to a specific person or in a group then the user can copy the selected part of the text and paste in the sent box or text box. Facebook provides enhanced functionality for its users. With these advanced functionalities or features, the user can enjoy this amazing social site.

How do you share Text or Url by Copy and Paste on Facebook option?

If you want to send some text or link that you were sent or received before then you can create a copy or clone of a text or URL. To copy a specific text or URL you need to follow these three methods and its steps. These methods and steps are:

Method 1: Using Phone

  • Open Facebook: Open the Facebook account on your phone using google chrome browser or other browsers.
  • Click more option: Now click on the top right corner button that represents more option.
  • Select Desktop Site: Now scroll down at the bottom and click Desktop Site. This will open the site in the website view.
  • Select the text: Now select the post, text or URL which you want to copy.
  • Tap and hold the text and URL: Tap to hold the status, text or URL. Now select the text or URL which you want to copy.
  • Tap Copy: Click the copy button that will be displayed. The text and URL are copied.
  • Tap Paste: Now you can paste the text or URL in the text box wherever you want to send.

copy paste option on mobile

Method 2: Using Desktop

  • Open the Facebook: Log in to your Facebook account by opening the Facebook login page. If you are logged in then it will open the Facebook newsfeed. If you are not logged in then you need to enter email and password to open the Facebook account.
  • Find the text: Now find the status, text or URL that you want to copy.
  • Select the text: Select the specific text or URL that part you want to copy.
  • Copy the text: Now copy the selected text with ctrl+c command.
  • Select text box: To paste this copy text or URL, go to the place where you want to paste this text or URL. Open the text box.
  • Paste the text: Select ctrl+v to paste this text or URL.

copy paste option on desktop

Method 3: Using Facebook Messenger

  • Open the Facebook Messenger: Open Facebook Messenger on your phone.
  • Find the post: Now seek the post which you want to copy or paste.
  • Click share button: If the post is found, then click on the share button on the bottom right corner on the post.
  • Select share as the message: After clicking the share button, the window box will open. Now select share as a message.
  • Select a friend: Select any of the friends which you want to send this message.
  • Click send: Then finally, send the link to them.

copy paste option on messenger


To follow these above steps, you can copy the specific part of the text or whole text in just a few seconds. Then you can paste it into the text field in which place where you want to send the text. User copy and paste the text because some posts, messages or URL contains some more important information which is related to any of the field. The user can copy the text or URL and spread it to with other friends who need this essential information. With the help of this Facebook feature, you can easily copy and paste a text which you want to send to your friends.

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