How to Change Birthday on Facebook?

Facebook is an online social media networking free service site. This website was launched by Mark Zuckerberg on 4 Feb 2004. It allows registered users to create or change birthday on Facebook, upgrade profile, upload pictures, videos and send a friend request to communicate with each other having a Facebook account.

A user can chats with friend, family, and colleagues through text, audio calling or video calling. You can upload an unlimited photo, video, and comment on each other’s photos. A user can also earn money through a Facebook ad campaign by spending minimal money etc.

Facebook is not the end of the news and calling. It is a big source of information that user share on a daily basis. There are 1000(thousands) of pages in every language in every country that helps to share and read information. It helps you to get a job easily. A user can also search for jobs in your groups and also can link your profile link in your CV (Resume). Nowadays maximum people are using Facebook through a smartphone in the world. Because every task can easily be done on smartphones.

How to change birthday on Facebook?

If you want to change your birthday date on Facebook profile then, it is easy and you need to follow the following steps to change Birthday date. These areas:

1 Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Click the top-right corner of the screen on the “Profile Name”.

3. After then click on ” About “.

4. Scroll down to the “Basic Info” section and edit button display on the right side of the screen, now click “Edit contact and basic Info”.

options under about section
5. Next click ” Edit your Birthday”, there is two sections “Date of birth” and “Year of birth” both are same. Click only one option to change of birth change option under basic information6. After the edit, your Birthday date, click on Save option.

7 Your profile is updated.

Why do you need to change your Birthday on Facebook?

Because some user just chooses a random date in the time of sign up “create Facebook Profile”. Some people put on a false birthday because they don’t feel comfortable sharing anything. Some other reason to change the birth date is a user is using their real identities on Facebook, maybe hacking their information.

Benefits of Facebook

  • Better socializing because every people think and feel different
  • Networking: You are always connected with your family, friends and colleagues. A user can log in your Facebook account anywhere in the world.
  • Chatting: A user communicates very easy through an internet connection.
  • Find & invite your friends.
  • Business promotion.
  • News: The more and more get information through news page.
  •  Unlimited Entertainment.
  • Free: The best part of Facebook is that you do not have to pay money
  • A platform to share feelings, life events.
  • Pages, groups, news-feed.
  • Reach a Targeted Audience
  • Lower Your Marketing Expenses: Starting a Facebook business page costs you exactly $0.
  • Build Brand Loyalty.
  • Find Lost and Old friends
  • Increase Your Web Traffic and Boost SEO.
  • Messages, Audio Calling, and Video chatting.

Drawback of Facebook

  • Privacy: Facebook does not provide proper privacy. Some user can find other people’s information and family by visiting the profiles of each person.
  • Fake Profiles: A large number of fake profile on Facebook. All fake profile is used for wrong purposes or for cheating the user. I also found a lot of cases when a boy makes friends with the girl but after some time find that is not a girl, he is a boy.
  • Time Consuming: I think time wasting but you can use about 30 minutes to getting more information.
  • Wrong Information and News.
  • No time for Family.
  • To play the game on Facebook

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