How to Advertise on Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook can provide your Business with a lot of Exposure to a stable customer. In the whole world, more than two billion people are using Facebook. These users are highly engaged with the posted content on the network. To advertise on Facebook you have to run Ads campaign over the Facebook business page. If you have a Facebook business page then, start creating your own Ad and if you don’t have any then log in to facebook business page now.

Facebook has a huge global audience which is combined with the ability to target in your advertisement by demographics(age), location(country/city), interests and behaviours. You can allow Facebook users to access the exact ads according to their needs. And Facebook provides the best ROI(Return On Investment) the best platform for social media. Now, let’s start with creating and placing an Ad over Facebook.

How to create an Ads?

You can Advertise on Facebook by creating an Ad on Ad manager or Facebook Business developed by Facebook.

Log in to your Facebook Account:

After logging into your Facebook Account, click on the ∇ icon and go to “create Ads”. an “Ads Manager” page will open up where you are provided with a various platform to create an Ads according to your choice and budget.

Choose your Marketing Objective

You need to choose your Marketing objective from the given option provided. The objective should depend on the goal of creating an Ad. You have expectations for an Ad to benefit your Business so, be very confident about your choice.

You need to pay according to the cost model for your Ads so, choose the Objective of your Ads by keeping a profitable budget in your mind.

option provided to choose an objective

Set up your Ad Account

You need to set up your Ad account before creating an Ad. In this option provided you need to choose the currency, country and time and click on continue.

Add ad account

Select and Placement type for your Ads:

This is one of the most important parts of creating your ads. The number of results will depend on the number of choices you have made here. Inside the Ad set tab, you are provided with 4 options i.e,

  1. Page
  2. Audience
  3. Placement and
  4. Budget and Schedule for your Ads.

< You can create any Facebook Page or promote any Facebook existing page in the given above page tab.

< In the Audience subheading you can choose the type of Audience you want to visit your Ads. You can choose by,

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language
  • Demographics, interest or Behavior
  • And connection too.

options to choose an audience

< The placement of an Ad depends on Automatic placement or you can edit them too.

< In budget and schedule, if you are running a normal Ad then, it will ask either to start from today or ask for the start and end date. If you chose to have a split test Ad then, you might have the following options.

Here, you can set the Budget, split Schedule, and Duration for your Ad. The data shown in an image is default setting and you can change it according to your choice. After you are done with your choices you can submit your choice.

Budget and schedule setting

Add your Ad

This is the option to fulfil on the way to create an Ad. Here you are provided with 4 options which you have to fill and then, you are done with creating an Ad. these 4 options are,

  1. Identity
  2. Media
  3. Format
  4. Text

You need to define the Facebook page to identify your Ad. The media will let your Ad be displayed on Desktop or mobile phone. The Ad manager provides the formats to display your Ads i.e. Carousel, single image, single video, slideshow and many more as shown in an image.

format to display ads

Once you are done with the Ad creation scroll down and click on confirm. Doing this will save your ads and will get visible to an audience on the specific scheduled date. You will get notified by a confirmation mail after your Ad has been created.

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