Helping someone with suicidal thoughts on FB

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. have brought a revolution by transforming the older method of communication which was not so instant into a more instantaneous and interactive communication.

Now we can share or receive information very instantly that is created and controlled by various individuals, groups, organizations and government. And since a large quantity of information on the topic suicide is available on the social media and internet. This information present on suicidal behavior leads to the growing tendency of suicides, especially among youngsters.

The growing tendency to suicide is growing due to the increasing pressure of life, peer pressure, depression, cyberbullying, cyber harassment, etc. Among these things one more thing that has been becoming popular is online posting of suicidal notes. Our Facebook customer service team is here with an article on this very important topic.

Helping someone with suicidal thoughts

With this entire thing, a word known as suicidal pact is also becoming popular. A suicidal pact is an agreement between two or more people to commit suicide at the same time using the same lethal means. The first case of suicidal pact was observed in Japan in year 2005.

It has been observed that people who post their suicidal notes online do not receive any help. But now people are becoming aware of it. So next time if you come across any kind of such post/photo/video, report it.

Here I am listing what to do if someone from your friends or family members posts such kind of stuff:-

  1. Provide support to your friend, and contact immediately with that person’s family members. Take your friend to a counselor.
  2. Report the content (i.e. that post, image, video) to Facebook helpline centre so that they can reach up to there and provide support to the person. Helping someone with suicidal thoughts on Facebook
  3. Try to be there for your friend, and follow up with your friend regularly to show that you care.
  4. If possible, make sure that your friend does not have easy access to things such as firearms, poison, or large doses of medications.
  5. Listen to them, their problems as most of the suicide cases happen just because the person is having no one to share their feelings. Avoid giving a solution until they ask you about it and let them know that you are important for you.
  6. If they are sharing about their lives, you can just ask if they are having any plan to suicide. And if their answer is yes, then don’t panic. Sharing suicidal thoughts often remove the feeling of isolation, and provide relief to the person.

Hope that these suggestions will work for you and you will find it useful. For any query or details regarding this you can contact our Facebook technical support team or you can also call on our helpline number.

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