Facebook cyber bullying

Facebook’ a word we are all familiar with, has made our life so easy and smooth these days. Not just it helps people to connect with the masses but also provided us with a number of opportunities. Its use is not confined to just be connecting with people, but it has also emerged as one of the most powerful tools whether it be for promotions of your company, for buying or purchasing of different items or for promoting any movie, it also emerges as the most powerful platform for raising voice against social injustices, for political movements and for social media campaigns.

On the other hand with so much of positive and good things about Facebook, It is having some negative points too. Increased cases of cyberbullying and harassment are some of the negative aspects of FB. According to a study, approximately 9 people out of hundred are fake. You can dial our Facebook helpline number to know more about this or get help.

Facebook cyber bullying

There are different types of Facebook cyber bullying such as:-

  1. Cyber Stalking-Stalking a person on Facebook by keeping an eye on each and every activity of that person and sending messages to them continuously come under this category.
  2. Degradation-The stalker post negative things about the person and spread rumors so that the person’s reputation will go down.
  3. Impersonating– It is generally done by creating a false account of a person and use it for damaging the reputation of the concerned person.
  4. Flaming-It is the rudest kind of cyber bullying in which bully use vulgar and abusive words with the intention of starting a fight.

And the list goes on and on. But what should we do if some of your friends are being bullied or harassed on FB? Here are some points to keep in mind about what to do and what not to do.

Today our Facebook customer support team will list some points through which you can help your friend from facebook bullying:-

  1. Stay calm- One always loses cool when anything like this happens. So, We should ask us to stay calm and ask not to keep escalating the problem. If the incident was not a big one let it go as the bullies always look for a reaction from your side and so don’t give them one.
  2. Report the post and the person- We should report the post and also keep one copy of all the things bully have posted about your friend. If we know that it is a fake account of your friend then you can report the account and if 10-15 people reported the account as fake within a fixed span of time then the account will automatically get deleted.
  3. Offer support- You can help your friend by asking your other friends too. But don’t ask yourself if your friend will need support then he/she will ask themselves.
  4. Remind your friend that they are not alone – Let your friend know that they are not alone. You can make your friend feel that they have not done anything wrong and this can happen to anyone, therefore, he/she need not feel guilty.
  5. Encourage your friend- If the matter is really very serious and your friend need additional support then encourage your friend to reach out to someone they trust. Don’t let them hide things as it could worsen the situation.

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