Have you tried Facebook Messenger with amazing features – Read in detail

Facebook is one the popular social networking site, it has a more active user than other social media site, Facebook always works on satisfaction and increase the enjoyment of users. Facebook Messenger is a cool app if you want to connect to your loved ones all the time. We are here describe you that what can you do more with Messenger and their amazing feature. Move further, Grab your Moment.

Use Facebook Messenger without Facebook account:

If you don’t have a Facebook account so, that’s not mean you don’t use Facebook messenger. For a messenger, At the log-in screen, simply hit the button to say you don’t have an account and you’ll be able to register using only your phone number. And continue your process
Once you’re online, you’ll choose a picture and start chats with people you know, many of whom are easily found from your phone’s contacts library.

Facebook voice call and video chat exist with new effects:

Facebook Messenger added voice call, we can create voice call easily for a strong communication To make a Facebook call, users click on the person they want to call from their contact list in Messenger. And start some conservation, Facebook has added some new feature like video chat in Messenger with some live filters, animated reactions, and we are directly saved screenshot and Emoji from Messenger like a heart, a smiling face, a surprised face, a crying face, and an angry face and animate them as an overlay on your face.

Share location on Facebook:

You can send your location in Messenger to let people know where you are. firstly, turn on your location on your phone and then open your conservation and Tap the “+” icon on the left and scroll to Location. and send the location

Create Simple Shortcuts For Chats:

Facebook Messenger allows you to create shortcuts of your favourite chats, you won’t have to go through the stress of searching for a contact.
How to create chat shortcuts.
1, Open Facebook messenger.
2, Long press on the person you want to create a shortcut for. (hold a finger down for about 2 seconds)
3, And that’s all, The chats’ shortcut would appear on your home screen.

Facebook Messenger games:

Facebook added some games for enjoyment .like-

  • Words With Friends
  • Pac-Man
  • Space Invaders
  • 8-Ball Pool
  • Snake
  • Batman’s Bat Climb
  • Cooking Mama
  • EverWing
  • Solitaire
  • Blackjack
  • Gin Rummy
  • Sudoku

Increase the size of Smileys/emojis

90% of Facebook Messenger users do not know this FB Messenger trick, It is quite unique because you can increase the size of the emojis

How to increase the size of smileys/emojis

  1. Start and open a chat.
  2. press on the smiley icon.
  3. Long press on a smiley and the size or the smiley increases

Block someone on Facebook messenger:

if you are not interested in talking someone and you do not see on your Facebook Messenger so can block. When you block someone, they’ll no longer be able to contact you on Messenger or on Facebook chat.
How to block?

  1. Open messenger app.
  2. Long press on the name of the person
  3. clicks on Block.
  4. click on Stop receiving messages and calls.

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