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What is Facebook Timeline?

The Facebook Timeline introduced many new elements on the social networking site. Apart from having a new and interesting visual format for Facebook, there are many privacy effects associated with the new layout. It’s best to think twice about the timeline: how to protect your privacy, and how to use your new creative options.

The timeline is a part of a Facebook user’s account that replaces the profile and wall pages and merges them together. It gives an overview of your life story, as you select to tell it or FB has recorded it in a visual, scrolling, reverse-chronological order timeline. This scene is a cross between a blog and an online scrapbook.

overview of a timeline

How to change your Facebook cover?

Whenever they go to your Facebook profile, any person watches your cover, or in other words, is a great picture at the top of the page. This is a feature we have seen in the path, and this is a great way to add a little personality to your page.

To add an image to your cover, go to your FB timeline, and click ‘add a cover’ at the top of the page. You can upload a photo or select one from an existing album. Then you can change the picture again so that it can be seen as you want. If you want to change the photo, just click on the image and select ‘Change cover’.

This is definitely far from all the creative ways that the user came to jazz their Facebook profile, but we can imagine that this will only be a matter of time as creative hacks are hitting on the Facebook timeline.

Update Information

The Facebook layout has now completely changed, and there may be some use in it. Below your profile and cover photo is the place where you have entered any information about yourself. In it your job, education, the status of your relationship, where you live, and where you are from – basically it is a small bio in which friends will have to look at the first glance. Next, to it, your friends, photos, places you’ve checked and would like.

Regular Updates

Instead of a linear profile, your updates and posts on your wall will now be shown in two-column grids. Your Facebook content is much more systematic, but at the same time, depending on your privacy settings, it is very easy for your friends to know what you are doing on Facebook.

The grid has a box dedicated to all your Facebook activities – likes, comments, changes made in your profile, etc. Of course, these items will only appear in your Activity box if you share them publicly in the first place. The remaining timeline will be done with your updates, shared with your friends directly with you, the photos you have been tagged in, content from third-party apps – in other words – whatever appears on your wall.

Facebook Timeline Privacy

View as

In fact, this is the best way to understand how much you are sharing, go to your timeline and look at the “View as” feature. Your gear icon activity log link lets you view your FB timeline as a fixed option. Check that it looks like friends and family. After that, you will be motivated to move forward and create custom friends lists and edit how public your posts are.

Friend lists

We have written about the importance of creating custom Facebook friends lists more than once, but the timeline has made it more important than ever. Given the fact that you are able to scroll by time and visit moments you thought were buried in the past, it’s high time you get on board with lists. For beginners, you can use Smart Lists Facebook: Your closest friends, family, colleagues, and people around you.

But now you need to determine what each of them can see and can not see. Which means that each time you post something or upload new information, then you need to determine whom you are sharing with. We recommend that you include the list of your closest friends to all those who you usually want to share everything (which should be this) and thus you can avoid an accidental over-share.

Visuals & content

Take care of your privacy settings is the most important part of the Facebook Timeline, but you can focus on the more creative aspects of the new profile by moving forward. The site has a lot to say about the new possibilities to be presented through the timeline and once you get through your more serious task of locking your information, you can be more fun.

Life events

The easiest way to add your past in your timeline is via the “Life event” link on your page. Of course, you can use year toggle on the right side of the page, but the auto-scroll fun will not last forever. Under the “Life Events” icon, there is a quick way to file whatever you want on your timeline. From here you can easily categorize moments under “family and relationships” or “home and living” etc.

Although, you can change these life events as you select and place them on the right date on your timeline. There are so many foreigners to make these events. So far, Facebook has gone around real-time, but now users are being encouraged to tell stories from their past. Dictating is completely new in the past period, and it makes two very different experiences within one site. Using news feeds is a real-time sharing with your friends, while there is more information about cataloguing and remixing while using timelines and browsing.

Dial our toll-free Facebook support number to know more or any kind of facebook related help we are here always ready to help you.

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