Facebook settings- A complete guide to help you to Find settings

Where should you look for Facebook settings?

The world’s largest social network provides its users with many options. These are available in the form of Facebook settings. These facilities which are provided to all the Facebook users without any charges. The Facebook settings consist of many sorts of things which we will discuss with you further. If any of the active Facebook user or any new Facebook users can look down for the settings.

The Guide to Facebook settings

If you are looking for the Facebook settings, here we have defined all of them for you. You can find all the Facebook settings and what you need to do keep your Facebook account secure. How can you enhance the Facebook security of your account?

Facebook general settings

This section of the Facebook settings provides the users with the options to adjust Facebook name, Facebook email id, and Facebook password. Here is how you can adjust your general Facebook account settings.

How to change your Facebook name?

If you want to change your Facebook name then you need to go to the Facebook settings. In the settings, you need to go through the following steps to change your Facebook name.

  • Go to general settings available on the left side of the Facebook settings screen.
  • Then you have to click on the name.
  • Now enter your name and click on the review change option.
  • You should enter your password now and click on save changes.

Your Facebook name must be been changed now. You can check it by refreshing the page and going back to the Facebook homepage of your Facebook account.

How to add or remove email from Facebook account?

Some of the Facebook users sometimes look to change their email address. If you are among those users, here is what you should do. Follow these simple steps to add or remove Facebook email address.

  • Click on the settings tab available on your Facebook screen.
  • Go to the Facebook privacy settings which are an option available on the page.
  • After that look for the tab named as general and click on that general.
  • There you will find a tab mentioned as email, click on that email.
  • Now click add email to add an email address to your Facebook account.
  • And click on the remove email to remove an email address from your Facebook account.

This is how you can easily add and remove an email address from your Facebook account with the help of the Facebook settings.

How to change your Facebook password?

This section of the Facebook settings provides you the option to change your Facebook password. You must be logged into your account and have access to it. Follow these steps:

  • Go to top right of any Facebook page, and look for settings tab.
  • Click on the security and login tab available on the screen of the Facebook page.
  • Now click on edit and enter your new Facebook password and then click on next.
  • You to now click on save changes to update your new entered password.

The above steps will help you change or update your Facebook password only if you have access to your Facebook account. But if you forgot your Facebook password then you will have to reset it.

Facebook security settings

The Facebook security settings deal with the overall security of your account. They provide you options to make your Facebook account secure from hackers and spammers. And enhance the security of your account and data that has been stored in your account. There are many factors that enhance your security on Facebook, mentioned below:

  • A strong Facebook password provides you security from intruders and hackers. If you have a strong password then half of your work is done. You are secure from the unwanted people trying to hack your account and breach your personal information.
  • You can limit the access of the people who can see your stuff on Facebook. And you can also limit the people who can find you out on Facebook.
  • Tagging on Facebook a very interesting feature, that is fun and exciting. It helps you automatically recognize people on Facebook and tag them.

Following are the options that are available in the Facebook security settings that can help you keep your account safe.

  • Where you are logged in-You can see all the devices from which your Facebook is being accessed. You can log out from the devices from which you don’t want to use Facebook.
  • Change password- of your Facebook account. The Facebook users can change the password of their account using the instructions that come on screen.
  • Login using profile picture-Now you have another option to enable login using the Facebook profile picture.
  • Two-factor authorization- helps you make it more safe for use. If you enable this option, then you will need a password and a code on the phone to log in.
  • Setting up extra security- This helps you make your account safer. You will receive messages when your Facebook is logged in from some unknown device. And you also have the option to choose 3to5 friends. These friends can help you log back in if you are locked out.

Facebook Privacy settings

The Facebook privacy settings can be confusing even for the experienced user many times. It can be Facebook problem for some users. As Facebook keeps on updating every now and then. It becomes really important for you to know about the Facebook privacy settings. These settings available in the Facebook settings can be really helpful for you.

It is really simple to go to the Facebook privacy settings. Just go the drop-down arrow available on the toolbar and then click on settings.

Now, what are the privacy shortcuts available for you and what can do with them to keep your Facebook account safe?

  • Who can see my stuff on Facebook- This provides you with options to review the Facebook settings. Adjust people who can see your stuff such as post, news feed and so on. You can adjust the things like:
    • Who can see your future posts?
    • Review all your post and things you are tagged in.
    • Limit the audience for posts you have shared with friends and public.
  • Who can contact me on Facebook- Here you can adjust the people who can find you on Facebook. You can select from the options such as everyone, with mutual friends, friends of friends and so on.
  • Who can look me up on Facebook- This particular feature helps you limit the number of people who can find your Facebook. There many ways by which people can find you on Facebook. You can change it according to your convenience. The option available in this Facebook settings are:
    • Who can look up using the email address that you have used on the Facebook?
    • who can look up using the mobile number you have added to your Facebook account.
    • Do you want the search engine outside the Facebook to link to your profile?

So these were the Facebook privacy tools that are available to change and adjust your Facebook profile according to your needs. You can use these privacy shortcuts to adjust your privacy on Facebook.

Facebook Timeline and Tagging settings

The Facebook settings provide the users with the option of who can see your timeline and how to manage photo tagging.

  • What can you manage on Facebook TimelineThe Facebook timeline review provides you with the choices to manage people who can see posts on your timeline. You can manage the available options such as :
    • Who can post on your timeline?
    • Who can see what others post on your timeline?
  • What are Facebook tagging options available& how to manage them- It is a fun feature of Facebook that allows your friends to tag you in pictures. It also provides the options of suggestion on the picture for tagging. Now the thing is what are the options available for you to manage.
    • Who can see the post you that you are tagged on your timeline?
    • The people whom you want can see you in the tagged posts or pictures.
    • Manage the tag suggestion. The people will be able to see tag suggestions on the picture that look like you on Facebook.

How to block someone on Facebook

Blocking on Facebook means disabling someone from bothering you anymore. The people whom you have blocked on Facebook cannot see your post and cannot tag you. If you were Facebook friends with them then you will not be friends now. Now the question is how to block someone on Facebook. Follow these steps to block someone:

  • Go to the Facebook settings available on the top right of every Facebook page.
  • Click on the privacy settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Then look for How do I stop someone from bothering me?
  • Now enter the name of the particular person you want to block or the name of a number of people you want to block.
  • Select that particular person from the available list of people.
  • Now click on block button to block that person.

Now the person that you have blocked will not be able to see your posts. He will not be able to find you on Facebook. And he will not be able to tag you in any post and will not get tag suggestions. So now you need to worry as that person will not able to bother you anymore.

Facebook Language settings

The Facebook language setting provides the Facebook users to choose from over 100 languages. You can see the news feed in your language, comment, and message in your language. You have the option to change language from the Facebook setting according to your convenience. Follow the following steps to change language on Facebook:

  • Go the settings from the drop-down menu available on the right side of the Facebook screen.
  • Now choose the language setting option available on the left side of the Facebook screen.
  • The first option you will see “which language you want to use Facebook in?” click on it.
  • Choose a language from the drop-down menu in which you want to use your Facebook account.
  • Now click on save changes option available as a blue color

Now you current language has been changed to newly chosen language. You can start using your Facebook account with the new language.

Facebook location settings

The location service is available for Facebook only on mobile devices. If you wish to use Facebook location settings then you need use Facebook from an Android or IOS device. If you want to access the location services of Facebook you need to first enable mobile location services.

Steps to enable Android location services.
  • Enable the mobile location services first.
  • Now open the Facebook application on your android mobile.
  • Tap to the setting button, move to security and location.
  • Go to the location screen of the Facebook app.
  • Slide the button so that it turns to blue in color.
Steps to enable IOS location services
  • First, enable the mobile location services.
  • Open the Facebook application on your IOS mobile.
  • Tap to the setting button, move to privacy.
  • In the location services slide the bar to turn enable it.

How to be secure on Facebook using Facebook settings

Now the question is how can you keep your Facebook account secure? Here are few factors that will help you keep your Facebook account secure. And you can find them with the Facebook settings.

  • You should always keep your Facebook password safe and never use it online on any other platform.
  • Never share your login information with anyone. Neither friends nor relatives shall be reviled the login information of your Facebook account.
  • Always log out of the Facebook account when you are using a computer or PC that is used by other people as well.
  • You should never accept a friend request from the people whom you don’t know personally.
  • Always be careful from the spammer and the Facebook phishers. And never click on the offers or links which seem to be suspicious.
  • Use the extra security features that are available to make your account more safe and secure.

By the help of all the above mentioned points and looking into Facebook settings regularly can keep your account secure.

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