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Today, there are many social networking sites are available like “Facebook”, “LinkedIn”, “Twitter”, “Instagram” etc. But, “Facebook” is one of the social networking sites which is very popular and used by millions or trillions of users all over the world. Facebook is one of the most amazing social sites that is designed and developed to connect people all over the world. It provides you with the freedom to edit your profile whenever you like and whatever you like, no verification needed. So, you can keep any profile picture with any Facebook relationship status.

The Facebook website was launched in 2004. With the development of this social site, the user can do more things on “Facebook”. But, in some countries, Facebook is a ban. With the help of this social site, you can easily find your relatives, friends and other country’s friends in just a few seconds. “Facebook” is based on web 2.0 i.e. two-way interaction or one-to-many relationship between “Facebook” and its users.

What can you do with your Facebook account?

To access this social networking site you need to first install it on your device and you can operate it from the web. You need an internet connection to access Facebook. When you open this social site it will open the registration page. In this page, you need to register all your credentials like emails, phone number, password, DOB, gender etc.

After registration is finished you will be logged in automatically. After that, you can operate this fantabulous site or app. You can find the friends which you know or who is unknown then you can send the friend request to people which you want to send. You can set your whole profile in just a few minutes. Or you can fill your birthday, languages, your bio, your current city etc. in your profile section. The option to set or change your “Relationship Status” from single to engaged, married or in a relationship is available.

How to change Facebook Relationship Status?

With every patch ups and breakups, you need to update your “Relationship Status” not compulsorily. To change the relationship status which you set before, you need to follow some steps. These steps are:

Method 1: Using the Facebook app

  • Open the Facebook: Open the Facebook LogIn page. If you’re logged in then it will open your Facebook Newsfeed.
  • Tap Menu button: Then Tap the menu button that will appear on the top right corner on the screen and click on your name.
  • Update Info: Click “Update info”.
  • Scroll down to your relationship status: Scroll down to your relationship status that will appear on the bottom.
  • Select Edit Relationship: Select “Edit relationship” and then select Edit.
  • Select your relationship status: Select your relationship status. You can choose Single, In a relationship, married, In an open relationship etc.
  • Enter the name of the person: If you selected “Married” then enter the name of the person you are married.
  • Enter anniversary: Enter your anniversary.
  • Set your privacy setting: Then set your privacy setting. Who can view your relationship status i.e. public, friends, only me?
  • Save setting: Save your settings.

relationship status setting on Facebook app

Methods 2: Using Opera Mini

  • Open the opera mini: Open the opera mini browser in your phone. Go to the https://www.facebook.com/ you will see the login page. Fill all your credentials and click login.
  • Click “Profile”: Click Profile section that will appear on top of the screen.
  • Click Edit Profile: Click “Edit Profile” and it will open your profile which you can edit.
  • Goto Relationship status: Go to the bottom and click relationship status.
  • Edit Relationship: Select “Edit Relationship”.
  • Select relationship status: Select one relationship status from the list and click it. Relationship status will change.
  • Save: Save the setting.

How can you end a Relationship Status on Facebook?

If you want to end your “Relationship Status” then you can easily end. You need to follow some steps. After that, you will end your relationship status on Facebook. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account: To end a relationship status on Facebook, you need to log in your account first. Goto the https://www.facebook.com/ then the login page will appear. Log into your Facebook account.
  • About: Go to About section of your profile
  • Edit Profile: Select Edit Profile link. Then click on the Family and Relationships tab that will appear on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Relationship Status: Change the privacy setting to “Only me”. Now your relationship status will be hidden and it will not show to anyone. If you wish that your relationship status will show only to your profile friends then you can change the privacy setting to “Friends”. By default, the relationship status is “Single”.
  • Save the setting: Save the setting. Your relationship status will end on Facebook.


In this article, we have defined all essential steps which can help you to change or set the relationship status. To follow these above steps, you can set, change or end the relationship status on Facebook in just a few seconds. When you’re in love then you need to change the relationship status from “Single” to “In a relationship”. When you are married then you can change the relationship status from “Single” to “Married”. Whenever you want to end the relationship status, then you can end anytime. By default, relationship status is “Single”.

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