Facebook Password Recovery - change or reset your password

Facebook Password Recovery

Every time Facebook asks username and password to login Facebook account, without a password you can’t get access to your account. If you lost your Facebook username or Facebook account password then you can get help from our experts. For Facebook password reset or Facebook password recovery, we provide 24/7 service. With the help of us you can easily recover your password. We provide 24/7 assistance service to recover Facebook password, so for any kind of password reset or recovery related help, you can call us anytime. Our Webcreativepixel experts and professionals are always ready to help you.

  • In some situation users, old phone number is deactivated or not in use or assigned to someone else but still connected to the Facebook account. If the phone number is assigned to someone else or still connected to your account, then a new user of that number can easily change the password of your account and access your account for any kind of illegal purpose against you and your friend.
  • We recommend people to only use current phone numbers with their Facebook account because many online service providers recover any account using a phone number. Facebook differs from the other services because it allose users to add more than one phone number and some people never remove their old contact number, they only add their new contact number when they change.

During Facebook password recovery you may face various type of error or issues. If you face any error or issues and want to fix that issues then call on above mentioned number.

  • When people recover their password with the help of phone number Facebook never change the password it will be accessible with the old password. To prevent unauthorized access and for suspicious activity detection, Facebook apply some changes, so that users can not retrieve their account with the same email address or phone number, that they use for login as well as at the time of recovering password changes should be mandatory. Google, Microsoft, as well as other online service providers, use an alternate email address and phone number to recover an account.
  • Facebook also apply mandatory password reset option while recovering an account and do not let people to recover an account without resetting the password and also send a notification to the associated email address and phone number. And Facebook also notifies the user when they add a new phone number into their account and also ask them to remove their old phone number.

Facebook password recovery – simpe steps to reset password

If you forgot your Facebook account password and not know what to do, then don’t worry Facebook provides various type of password recovery methods and by following these methods you can easily recover your Facebook account password by following these steps. Facebook store all information or data of customers or users in their database. You can easily recover your Facebook account password through a linked phone number or email address and while recovering the Facebook password you may get a verification code on your email or phone number and by providing this verification code you will get access of your Facebook account.

There are several case & condition for all this recovery process. Most of the user get overwhelmed by it. Hence we have prepared this in-depth guide to let you understand how to change facebook password or reset it. We have break down this article in 8 cases. You can click on any of it to read the preferred case or can read whole article.

Facebook is a very famous social networking site. You cannot log in to your account if you don’t remember your password. If you have access to your associated email and mobile number, you can use this to rest your forgotten password.

To recover your password you can follow given below steps:

  • Visit the Facebook login page
  • Click Forgotten Account

Forgotten account Facebook

  • After this, Enter your Email address or Phone Number associated with your account and Click Search.

enter your email address or phone number to search for your Facebook account

  • Choose an Account Reset option

select how do you want to receive the code to reset your password

  • Go to your Gmail account and Verify your Code
  • Enter the Code
  • Click Continue
  • Type your New Facebook Password
  • Type the Password Again
  • Click on the Continue

If you forgot both email and phone number which is associated to your Facebook account then the only way to recover your account is to answer the security questions. You can recover by answer all the security questions, by using an alternate email address or get help from your trusted contacts.

Method 1: To answer security questions:

recover your account by answering the security questions

  • Visit the Facebook login page and click “Forgotten account?”  in the top right
  • Fill out the form to identify your account
  • Select I forgot my account
  • Look out all the email addresses if you don’t have access of any email then click on no longer have access to these
  • And follow all instructions to answer your security question

Method 2: Using trusted contact for password recovery

Facebook defines a Trusted Contact as a close friend who users would feel comfortable reaching out to when they're having difficulties with their account.

To recover your account, you have to take help of your trusted contacts. This can be used when your account is locked out. After choosing friends or trusted contacts they send you recovery code with a special URL.

Follow these steps to do that:

  • Go to your “Security and Login Settings”
  • If your account has been locked, Choose 3 to 5 friends from contact list by scroll down and click Edit
  • Click Choose friends and follow the on-screen instructions

After setting up trusted contacts if you forgot or lost your email and phone number then you can access your account password from these trusted contacts.

How to Use Facebook Trusted Contacts to Gain Access to Your Locked Account

How to Use Facebook Trusted Contacts to Gain Access to Your Locked Account

  • Go to the login page and click Forgotten account
  • Enter your email, phone, username or full name to find the account and tap on Search
  • Look out all the email addresses if you don’t have access of any email then tap on No longer have access to these
  • Enter your new email or mobile number which have access to you and then click Continue
  • Click on Reveal My Trusted Contacts and put the full name of one of your friend or trusted contacts
  • You see set of instruction with a URL which contains a recovery code and sent to your trusted contacts. Call your friend to ask the recovery code
  • Use that security code to recover your account

After successfully recovering your account, you can change your login details any time from your settings. You can also dial our toll-free number [facebook] if you want to hire our Facebook expert to do this all for you.

Case 3: Your Facebook has been hacked

If your Facebook account is hacked by someone you can recover it back by following these steps:

Step 1:

Report compromised account

  • Visit https://www.facebook.com/hacked
  • Click on”Your account has been Compromised”.
  • Then you have to enter your associated email, phone no., username and full name and then click Search.

To get back in to your account enter your current password or an old password if you know it

Step 2:

At this step, you have to enter the password. As you know your new password has been changed by the hacker so you can enter your old password which you used to login before hacking of your account.

Step 3:

Because you entered wrong passwords that’s why reset your password page has been prompted. Now click on reset my password button.

Step 4:

Recover Hacked Facebook Account process

You know that your primary email has been hacked by someone and you don’t want to send your link to hackers account. So just click on “no longer have access to these?”

Step 5:

Just write your new email address on which you want to send reset your account link and also set it as a primary email.

Step 6:

By following the next steps you can get the recovery of your account within 24 hours.

There may be a case when someone guesses your password or got it from a password manager or saved browser login or use password recovery because you used a question that someone knew.

  • Go to facebook login and click on ‘I forgot my password’. An email has been sent to your registered email id and also you can choose other options.
  • If your email address also changed then click on the ‘I no longer have access to these’ and then answer the prompted security questions.
  • Then set a strong password that you never used before and change your security questions. Also, change your backup email.

If you didn’t get the verification code on your phone then we suggest you using a PC rather than mobile and try to reset your password.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Visit www.facebook.com
  • Click ‘Forgotten Account?’ below the password text box
  • Enter your email, phone number, username or full name and click ‘Search’
  • Then, select “send code via SMS”
  • Enter OTP code which you receive on your mobile. If you don’t receive a code, select ‘Didn’t get a code?’ (Make sure that this option isn’t available to  attempting a password reset using a mobile device)
  • If it didn’t work then try using an email address to reset the password instead
  • For Email, Select “Send code via email” You can send a link to your email
  • Then just check your email and enter the verification code
  • Then Enter your new password for your account

You can recover your username and password in a minute. You can get it by verifying your associated email or phone number. If you don’t have the access of associated phone or email then you can try answering security questions which will take 24 hours to recover your facebook account.

Reset your password with associated Email

1: Go to the Facebook login page and click “Forgotten Account.”

2: Enter your email address, phone number, username or full name to find the account and click “Search.”

3: Choose the option to reset your password

  • Send code via email
  • Send code via SMS

You will get an OTP. Enter the code and click continue to reset your password. If you have no longer access of your associated email then you can follow another method.

Recover Your Account Without Access to associated Email

1: Click “No longer have access to these.”

2:  Click on “I cannot access my email account.”

3: Enter an email address through which Facebook can contact you. You can also answer the security questions to your account.

4: Then Click “Submit” to process your request. You can access your account within 24 hours with your new email address.

Recover Facebook account with the help of your friends

When your account has been locked you can try to take help from your friends. You can choose trusted contacts to request help you. We have discussed this step in detail in method 2.

FAQ: How can I choose friends to help me log in if I ever get locked out of my account?

Steps to choose your trusted contacts:

  • Navigate your Security and Login settings
  • If your account has been locked, Choose 3 to 5 friends from contact list by scroll down and click Edit
  • Then Click Choose friends and follow all the instructions given on the screen

You can always Change, Edit or Remove your trusted contacts.

FAQ: I’m having trouble getting the codes from the friends I’ve chosen. What else can I do?

Here’s what you can do:

  • If you facing trouble in getting in touch with your friend, Try to call them one more time.
  • If your friend didn’t get the code then tell him to check again the special URL, is it correct or not and try to refresh the page again.

Case 7: Reset your password without old password

You have to make sure that you can only see these options if you set them up previously. To reset password follow these steps:

  • Go to the Facebook login page and click Forgotten account
  • Fill the form to identify your account
  • Select your reset method using which you can get a verification code. And if did not have access to emails or phone number then click on “No longer have access to these”
  • Then follow the instructions and get help from your friends

If you can’t access your email then try to contact your email service provider to access your email.

FAQ: How you can log in with the old password

If you enter an old password, Facebook will let you know that you have entered an old password because they have the history of all your data. So you can’t actually log in with the old password, but you can reset your password using this.

You can follow the same procedure of “Forgotten account?” and then use OTP to reset your password with associated email and phone.

Case 8: When you forgot your phone number

By using the associated email

This is one of the most commonly used Facebook password recovery methods which is used when any user forgot their phone number which is associated with their account.

  • Open Facebook.com, then click on the forgotten password
  • After that enter necessary information such as email, mobile number, user name or full name in the box and click on search
  • After that, you can see three ways to reset the password. Choose the email one and click continue
  • After that check your email inbox to get the recovery code
  • Then enter the recovery code  in the text box
  • After that, you can set your new password and use your Facebook account

No access to the associated email

In this case, you have lost your Gmail/email password which is associated with Facebook account. Follow these given steps:

  • Go to Facebook login and click Forgotten Password? option
  • Enter your email or mobile number or username or name and click Search
  • Click “No longer have access to these
  • If you had set up previously then You will be redirected to extended recovery options.

Security Question: This method is not available for new Facebook users but old users can use this. You have to answer some security questions which you have been set up.

Trusted Contacts: You can only use this option if you already have chosen some trusted contacts.

  • Enter a new email address or phone and then click Continue
  • Type the full name of your trusted contact or friend.
  • Now you can see some instructions which include special URL
  • Share this special URL to your friend which contains security code
  • Ask this security and use it to recover your account.

Case 9: When you are temporarily blocked from using Facebook.

If you are temporarily blocked from Facebook that means you have violated or breach some rules and regulations of Facebook. It means you are doing some unusual activity from your account. To recover your account you have to provide some Photo ID proof of yourself such as Voter ID, Passport, Driving License.

Sometimes Facebook also asks about your photo to verify you if you didn’t upload your personal picture. And after providing the picture Facebook will take 24 hours to verify it and get back your account.

Now we will let you how to get back your account and change facebook password when you temporarily blocked from Facebook.

  • Go to Facebook Login Page.
  • Enter your Username and Password and click on login
  • Now Facebook show a message that We want to make sure that your account is secure.
  • Click on Continue and then Facebook ask you to upload your personal picture which shows your clear face
  • Upload your picture and click on Continue. (This picture will never show on your profile)Upload picture for facebook password recovery
  • After that, Facebook displays a Message “We’ll send an update once we’ve reviewed your photo till you won’t able to use Facebook”.We'll send an update once we've reviewed your photo.
  • Click on OK. Facebook will take 24 hours to review your information

After 24 hours, You can use your Facebook account and Change Facebook password to secure your account.

After following these step by step simple password recovery method, if you are still unable to get access to your Facebook account then don’t worry immediate contact our Facebook support through our toll-free Facebook helpline number. Here are our executives help you in recovering Facebook account password in a step by step manner.

FAQ: How to delete my old Facebook account if forgotten the password?

If you have forgotten your password then there are many ways to recover Facebook accounts such as via phone, email, with the help of friends and security questions.

To delete your Facebook account firstly you have to reset the Facebook account and then do delete your account. Previously we have discussed so many methods to get back the Facebook password of any account. So follow those steps and recover Facebook account or reset the Facebook password.

Now, We will discuss here How you can delete your Facebook Account. So, follow the Steps:

  • Go to Facebook login page
  • Enter your username and password and click login
  • Now, Click on right-hand side drop-down arrow and Click on settingsClick on Settings
  • Then click Your Facebook Information and Click on Delete your account and informationClick on Your Facebook Information
  • After that Click on Delete Account and Download your information

Click on Delete Account

About our Facebook customer service & technical support assistance

As we know that Facebook directly does not provide any customer service or tech support to recover facebook password as well as nither provide any toll-free number. There are many situations where a user is unable to log in their account. Chances are that they may forget their password or email details or Facebook account hacked. In these critical situations, users find it very difficult to recover their account without any help.

Keeping in mind all these conditions, we have developed a team of expert. They are expert in handling these situations and resolve customer issues. We help users to recover their lost account credentials, so they may able to login to the old account. Whatever issues you are struggling with just dial our helpline and our team will give you the best results.

How our team will help you in Facebook account recovery:

If you have trouble in Facebook password reset, then you are at the right place, here our experts guide you to recover forgotten Facebook password

If you need to change or reset your account password, you have arrived at right place. We will guide you and help you in the case if you forget the Facebook password. It is important to be safe and secure on the internet and to not trust strangers. When you create a new password, make sure that it’s at least 6 characters long and have a combination of characters or symbols. But if someone hacks your account and you don’t remember your password then don’t worry, we are here to assist you.

  • Dial our Facebook password recovery helpline number: [facebook]
  • Explain your issue to our executive
  • They will analyze your situation, and provide you with the best way to recover your account
  • You will also be trained, so that you may not get trapped in the same situation again

Some of the frequently asked question for facebook password recovery

  • I’m not receiving the email to reset my password
  • I’m trying to upload my contacts to Facebook but was told that I entered the wrong password
  • How do I change or reset my password
  • Can you send me a copy of my password without resetting it
  • Why am I being asked to enter my email login information while trying to reset my Facebook password
  • I’m seeing an “Incorrect Password” error message when I try to log in
  • I can’t reset my password because I’ve reached a password reset limit
  • How can I make my Facebook password strong
  • What’s a one-time password and how do I get one
  • I got an email saying I requested a new password but I didn’t make this request
  • I see an “Invalid Code” or an “Invalid Link” error message when I try to reset my password
  • How do I require a password or PIN when sending money in messages
  • I can’t reset my password because I can’t access the email or mobile phone number on my account
  • Using your personal Facebook username and password to sign in to Business Manager
  • I didn’t reactivate my account but I got an email from Facebook saying that I did

Sometimes our clients tell us I perform too many successful attempts but do not succeed single time. If you also have this trouble or you forgot your FB account password and not know how to get back or already try all methods but do not succeed. Then you do not need to worry our facebook password recovery or support team is always ready to help you. They assist you how you can get back access of account or password. Then get in touch with our team for Facebook password reset or recovery by calling on our tollfree number [facebook].

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