Facebook Help Centre: Report a Problem With Your Account

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About Facebook Help centre

Facebook help centre opening in 2007 for ease user with instant assistance. This Help centre is useful for resolve any glitches related one of the most famous social sites “Facebook” as well. Through Facebook help centre ask the question, the user can put any question-related privacy, using Facebook, user timeline page or another several page.They can give you answer frequently for your those type of issue.Some highlight list of most popular question is shown on Facebook pages.

How to look Facebook help centre Page

Home page has 5 major topics like home, Using Facebook, Manage Your Account, Privacy and Security, Policies and Reports, and each Facebook Help Center block has a complete overview of the topic. Users can easily access the help center without logging in, they may view complete information about any issue such as Facebook creates an account, set or reset your password, make your password strong, and more. Facebook Help Center page look like this: So be Aware of fraud sites.

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How we can use Facebook Help center

You can ask all Facebook-related questions in the Facebook service help center. Search here for a text box where you can find help on a specific topic for your complete answer. Let’s discuss how users use it:

Find Help Center.

Make sure you know exactly what you need to help as soon as you type a term, phrase, or question in the Search Type box. Facebook suggests a list of all relevant questions. You can easily choose help center terms for your search. If your question does not appear in the search list, you can continue typing your question or term.

Facebook Server Center gives the complete answer quickly for your problem. If you want to share your search query with the complete answer then you can easily share your timeline, friends, specific groups, business pages or personal messages.

How to share post on your Facebook Timeline

Search common Help Topic

In the Facebook Help page on the left sidebar, you can see a list of common help topics. You can click on the main category and you will see a list of more related questions.Click on each question and see all the details in the form of answers. You can also share all these answers with others.

In addition, the Facebook page’s help center shows six topics that provide answers to frequently asked questions. Such as:

1.Your Profile and settings:

Everyone knows that profile is telling your story. Who are you like? What is your favorite, like your interests, photos, videos, Gifs and your personal information, such as your hometown, birthdays, qualifications, occupations, etc.You can all information shared with others if you want. Your profile is also combined with your timeline, where you can see your feeds, you’ve been setting your tags in your timeline and help you manage your tagging process and review who can add with feed Who will see the new feed on your timeline

2.Your home page

Facebook page, which you can see after you log in; it shows “New Feed” from your friends’ post updates list, and you too, your friends post new feeds on Facebook.

How to create a page on facebook


Facebook messaging is one of the most exciting features. With the help of the messaging, you can quickly reach anyone. You can easily send photos of your friends, attachments, stickers and GIF Facebook Chat or Messenger app. If you do not feel comfortable receiving any unwanted messages, you can block messages from people or report the message.

4.Your Privacy

Facebook’s privacy is the most important aspect of every Facebook user, and you can use privacy checks to analyze and adjust your settings. There are three privacy settings, such as “public”, “closed”, “secreted.” Any new information to share with the person if you want. Privacy shortcuts also give you quick access to your settings.

5.Visit Help Community:

When you visit community center, you’re present with the Browser question page.


In left sidebar just below your image, are related to question you have asked or answer. This is the best way to find out if the answer is accurate.

There are 3 tabs in the browser question area in the middle of the page:

  • Most Recent: A list of questions recently asked by the user with the help of Facebook.
  • Top Questions: The most voted question answer list are represents.
  • Unanswered: Discuss a question in the forum before any discuss it. You can ask questions in the forum, just click the “question” button in the upper right. Fill out the form as much as possible. Then the post can easily submit your question to the forum.
6.Visit Ads help center:

The Advertising Help Center is used to your business promotion. It has four main topics, like building your Facebook page, seeing what’s new, creating Facebook ads, and asking questions. The Ad Help Center page looks like this.



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