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Get Help To Recover Facebook Hacked Account

Facebook is the social media giant, which has become the habit of today’s internet users. It helps its users to connect themselves to their friends and rest of the world. Its user comes from all category – rich, poor, kids, teenage, adult, professional, non-professional. Out of these mostly are unaware of the security threats, cyber fraud, phishing etc. Hence they became an easy target of the hackers and other unethical bodies. This is the reason why the case of Facebook hacked account is increasing day by day.

According to a stat, 600000 hacking attempts are made every day on FB. There are some destructive elements who target some specific group of people to hack their account. You may face problems like, unable to login to your account, your password changed. Someone hacked your account and changed your email address or recovery phone number. Your account gets suspended or business page hacked or blocked.

Hacking an account whether it is Google, Microsoft or Facebook is a trending topic. Many people face problem regarding the hacking of their Facebook account. Most of them are not able to recover their facebook account because they do not have the knowledge and awareness of recovery techniques. There are many techniques available through which you can recover your account easily.

As vasting the technology and the internet, people get addicted to facebook and social media. Due to this habit, they have been sometimes faced major issues like hacking or compromising their account. Lots of people get restricted from using social media when they use access to it. You are not the only one, lots of people have the same question in their mind every day that why their account has been hacked or why they restricted from using.

Facebook offers many ways to reclaim your account if you forgot your password or your account has been hacked by someone. Recovering and securing a hacked facebook account is possible because Facebook provides a feature to report your hacking account. You have for keep patience because Facebook takes 24 hours to get back your account.

Now every age of people uses facebook whether it is child, adult or elder. But they do not have the technical knowledge about recovering an account. They have all of their stuff like pictures of your kids, pets, friends and also their personal data. And they do not want to access those details to someone else. If your Facebook account hacked then don’t worry just follow these steps and get your account back with login details.

If you want to overcome this kind of issues, your search ends here. As we are always available for your help for FB related issues by phone with 24×7 supports.

Read the instruction mentioned here or talk to our customer support team for Facebook to easily handle the case for you.

How do you identify if your Facebook account has been hacked?

If you see login attempts that you didn’t do, sending messages to some people, seeing a list of unknown people has been added, unnecessary comments, likes or searches in the search history and seeing unknown people on your profile. It means someone has got your password or your Facebook account has been hacked. You can check these activities by these steps:

  • Check your Activity log.

Check your Activity log

  • Then check which devices have been used to log into your Facebook account by your username and password.
  • If any activities occurring without your awareness that means your account credentials stolen by someone. (Hacked)

Now hackers use a lot of software and applications called script kiddies which are easily available. You can just click on the Settings to know:

  • If someone accessing your account you would be logged out from your phone. It can be because of hacking. So if you notice any suspicious logged out it means your account has been hacked.
  • There are also some other ways you can be hacked apart from logging out.
  • Hacker can also installed spy software remotely or directly on your phone to read the messages without your awareness. So never install doubtful apps on your phone.
  • Hacker can also hack your account by social engineering tactic. He would pretend that he was you.

If you change your password regularly, log out of every device and set up a good password or 2-factor authentication then you can stop these activities.

Can your Facebook account be hacked or is Facebook hackable?

Yes, it can be hacked.

There is a method called phishing which is used for hacking. In this case, Phisher(hacker) can attempt to steal your personal and critical information or data like username, password, credit card details or other financial details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. It will take years of practice and research or knowledge to grab these skills.

There is also an easier way to do the facebook hacking like keyloggers. Hacker just deploys these keyloggers into users computer or mobile to hack the account. This method also hacks other accounts because it captures all the keystrokes of the user’s device.

How easily can your Facebook be hacked?

Did you know Facebook invest a lot of money to secure their users data. So its impossible to hack facebook account with 2, 3 MB python script.

No one can hack a facebook account. They will just catch the passwords when people try to login with their username and passwords. If hackers got success in catching they will win.

You can use just this simple method to catch the password:

  • Create a fake login page with php and html and send that link to the person you want to hack.
  • If the person is very near to you when they login to their account then you can steal their password.
  • Got username of account and try to guess the password.

How can you identify a person who hacked your Facebook account?

Method 1

For identifying a person who is hacked your account you can follow these given below steps:

  • Login your facebook account and go to the Settings.


  • Go to Your Facebook Information.

download a copy of facebook info

  • You can see a option to Create File of your facebook data.

Download your information

  • Now Click on Create File.

Your file is being processed.

  • Now go through the notification and you will receive an email from facebook.

you will receive notification

  • In your email, there is a link to download your data. Click on that to download your archive file.
  • Extract your archive zip file and open the index.html file.
  • Select the Security link.

Now you have the details of all your login attempts. Now go through all the login attempts and check any suspicious login. Copy the IP address of that login attempt and use IP Geolocation finders to find out the locations.

If you found any suspicious activity then you can click on End Activity button and change your password.

Method 2

  • In this case, you have to download IP ADDRESS GRABBING SCRIPT and then put the script on free web hosting site.
  • Now you can provide this website address to the hacker with the help of your friend’s account or by some girls account.
  • You can ask him to open the link by putting some clickable matter on that link and add that site link below.
  • If he open that link then you can get the IP ADDRESS of the hacker and you report a complaint about the hacker based on IP.

How can you recover a hacked Facebook account if admin access is lost?

Method 1

Resetting Your Password on Mobile
  • Open the Facebook login page.
  • Tap Forgotten Account?. This will take you to password reset page
  • Enter your email address or phone number associated with your account.
    • If you never added your phone number to your account then you have to use your email address.
  • Click Search.
  • Now Choose one of the recovery methods for your account:
    • Send code via email – Facebook will send a reset code to your associated email.
    • Send code via SMS – Facebook will text a reset code to your registered phone number.
  • Tap Continue. Doing this you will get a recovery code to your phone or email..
  • Retrieve your account’s code. It may vary by choosing of your recovery method:
    • Email – Open your email inbox and check out the message from Facebook and copy the six digit code.
    • SMS – Open your phone’s messages and check out the new message received from Facebook and copy the six digit code.
  • Enter the six-digit code in the text box.
  • You have to enter the code in a few minutes otherwise it will be invalid.
  • You can send again the code by clicking on Resend Code option to get a different code.
  • Click Continue.
  • Now you see the “Log me out of other devices” box, then click Continue. This will logout your account from all other devices like mobile, desktop, tablet and also from hacker device as well.
  • Enter a new password in the text box.
  • Tap Continue. Now you can access your account with your new password and hacker will no longer use your account.

Method 2

Resetting Your Password on Desktop
  • Open the Facebook website.
  • Click Forgotten account?.

Forgotten Account

  • Enter your email address or phone number that you use to login.

Find Your Account

  • Click Search.
  • Select an account reset option. Click one of the following options:
    • Send code via email – Facebook will send a reset code to your associated email.
    • Send code via SMS – Facebook will text a reset code to your registered phone number.
    • Use my Google account – This will redirected to the code reset process by entering the login details of your google account.

  • Click Continue. By Doing this you will get a recovery code to your phone or email. If you select the Use my Google account method, a window will open.
  • Retrieve your verification code. It may vary by choosing the method:
    • Email – Open your email inbox and checkout the message from facebook and copy the six digit code.
    • SMS – Open your phone’s messages and checkout the new message received from facebook and copy the six digit code.
    • Google account – Enter your email address and password.
  • Enter the six-digit code in the text box.
    • Skip this step if you used a Google account to reset your password.

Enter the six digit code

  • Enter a new password in the “New password” text field.

  • Click Continue.
  • See the “Log out of other devices” box and click Continue. It will log you out from all other devices and also from hacker device.

Method 3

Reporting the Hacked Account to Facebook

My Account is Compromised

  • Enter your email address or phone number.
    • If you never added your phone number to your account then you have to use your email address.

Enter your email address or phone number

  • Click Search.
  • Enter a password in the “Current or Old Password” text field. Type the most recent password you remember.

Current or Old Password

  • Click Continue.
  • Choose a valid reason.
    • I saw a post, message or event on my account that I didn’t create
    • Someone else got into my account without my permission
    • I found an account which uses my name or photos
    • People can see things on my account that I thought were private
    • I can’t see the right option in this list

Choose a valid reason

  • Click Continue.
    • You will end up on the Facebook help page If you choose one of the options not listed in the “valid reason” section previously.
  • Click Get Started. It will evaluate your recent Facebook page activity and changes.

let's secure your account

evaluate your recent facebook page activity and changes

Keep your account secure

  • Click Continue.
  • Enter a new password into both the “New” text field.

Change your password

  • Click Next.
  • Check the box next to your name, then click Next.
  • If you don’t see this option, skip this step.
  • Edit all the information which you didn’t change.
  • You can skip those changes that you had done.
  • Click Go to News Feed. Now you have the full access of your account.

How can we get help from Facebook to recover a hacked Facebook account?

Method 1

Using Facebook Help
  • Go to the Facebook Help Center webpage.

Facebook Help Center

  • Review the options toolbar.

Review the options toolbar

  • Select a relevant section.

Select a relevant section

  • Review additional options.

Review additional options

  • Use the search bar to expedite your process.

Use the search bar

  • Open the Ads Help Center page for Facebook Ads.

Ads Help Center page

  • You can also Visit the Facebook Community page.

Facebook Community page

Method 2

Submitting the Complaint through the Better Business Bureau
  • Open Facebook’s Better Business Bureau page.

Better Business Bureau page

  • Scroll down and click File a Complaint.

File a Complaint

  • Scroll down and click Start your complaint, if prompted.

Start your complaint

  • Fill up the given Qualification Questions form.

Qualification Questions form

  • Click Next.

Click Next

  • Now find your business by entering business name and address and click Search.

find your business

  • Click Proceed, If you want to change the language of the following forms
  • Fill out the complaint form.
  • Scroll down and click Submit Complaint.
  • Wait for an email to arrive.

Why am I not able to recover my hacked Facebook account?

If you are not using important anti-hack procedures and precautions on your account you cannot recover your account in future. These Precautions are:

  • Using phone number
  • Using recovery email
  • Security questions

These three are the main pillar of resetting your password or recovering your account. If your account will be hacked you can use these three things to recover your account in future. And if you still not able to recover your password then go to Facebook Help Center webpage or call us at +1 855 216 7829

If someone hacked your Facebook account, how you can complain about them?

If you think that your Facebook account is hacked then the most common method is to inform the facebook about that. Facebook will provide you the option where you can report about your hacking account. You can also find the reporting link on a google search. You can search on google how to report my facebook account being hacked?

You can also go to any nearest cyber cell which can be found easily in most of the cities. And you can visit also the websites through which you can file a complaint or FIR online or you can submit an FIR into your nearest police station.

Can anyone really hack a Facebook account?

No, it’s not possible and no one can do that as we all know that Facebook is a highly secure platform. No one can try to do that because Facebook is increasing their security day by day and it becomes very difficult to hack facebook or find any single vulnerability to exploit.

However, we can get anybody account access by social engineering, phishing, keyloggers etc. These are the ways in which login details have been accessed by pranking. It means you are asking somebody’s password indirectly. But it does not means you hacked Facebook. There are so many tricks which you can use to get the password of anybody’s account. But if you have some technical knowledge then your Facebook account never get hacked.

So it advised to not get into hacking facebook. It’s better to go learn some new skills to earn money from facebook rather than hacking facebook. Because hacking facebook can be put you into jail.

If Gmail and Facebook accounts were hacked then How to recover or delete both accounts?

Hackers need only a few minutes to take over your account and scan your login details also. Through that account, they can take over your other account and confidential information also like shopping details, card details etc.

Recover Gmail account:

You can recover your Gmail account by following the below given steps:

Step 1: Google Account Recovery

Navigate to Google Account Recovery.Google Account Recovery

Enter last password you remember

Google sent a notification to you

Change password for gmail account

  • Click Try different question if you forgot your password.

Try another way for gmail

Try different question for gmail

  • Use your recovery email or phone number.

Enter your phone number

Enter the name on your Google Account

  • By using the phone number, You will receive a code on your phone to prove your account ownership.

Get a verification code on your phoneEnter the code to reset password

  • Also, you can answer your security question.

security questions for gmail

  • Send a verification code to your recovery email is also a way to recover your account.

Get a verification code on your email

enter verification code

  • Last option is to enter an email you have access.

Step 2: Change your Password

This time you have to put verification code and then Google will ask you to change your password.

Step 3: Security Check

When you are signed in, go through the Security Check. Make sure to check and change your security information to not getting trouble in future.

Security Check


Basically, you cannot hack a facebook account. You can try to guess or steal the password of any account. If you called it hacking then Yes it is possible to hack anybody’s account. You can steal password of any account using different methods.

Here are the list of softwares and methods which can be use to access the password of any account:

Software Keylogger

It is a program which records every activity of the keyboard that the user makes without the victim knows. This software is downloaded manually in victim’s computer.

Hardware Keylogger

It works as a software keylogger except a USB drive should be connected to the victim’s computer. This USB drive stores all the keystrokes on a keyboard.


It is the most common and popular method in which there is a fake login page has been created. This page link has been sent to victims email and if this is opened and victim login with this page then login information will sent to the hacker.

Stealing Cookies

Cookies store the information on a hard drive to retrieve it in future. Hacker gets these details if they connected to the same WIFI.

Password recovery methods – This method will be used if someone has the access to your phone number and email.

Social Engineering – In this method victim is manipulated by a computing system to steal the login details.

Browser Saved Password Retrieval and Inputs History – Many people save their password in their browsers. The password can be easily hacked by here.

oDay Exploit – a vulnerability that hardly will come to your knowledge to which you build a 0day exploit.

Facebook security tips

There are many different ways through which you can secure your account. Securing your account and improving security is most important. So, let’s discuss some ways to prevent someone accessing your login details.

Here are the 6 ways to follow for keep safe your account:

  • Protect your password:
    • Never use your facebook password again on any platform.
    • Never share your password.
    • Do not include your name or common words in your password.
  • Use our extra security features.
  • Make sure your email account(s) are secure.
  • Log out of Facebook when you use another personal computer. If you forget, you can log out it remotely.
  • Keep anti-virus software on your computer.
  • Think before you click or download anything.

There are 2 step verification feature is also available for Facebook which provides an extra layer of security to your account. Due to this feature whenever you sign in from a new device facebook will send you a verification code to your mobile number to prevent unauthorised access.

We Provide Recovery Solution If you think someone hacked my Facebook-

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  • Highly skilled certified technicians for resolving all kinds of issues related to Facebook.

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