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Toll-Free Number: +1-844-233-3282

Do your page have been unpublished? Have you lost your password or account? Do you need to talk to Facebook customer care team, but unable to do so? Need any type of technical support or a way to find the Facebook phone number?

You have arrived at the right place to get the real solution. We will listen to all your queries and try to find out the best possible resolution for that. As Facebook has not yet officially announced its contact number, you can try to communicate them via our support phone number +1-844-233-3282. Find the best way to contact Facebook and resolve your problem.

We are the third-party independent Facebook support and service provider and provides support ant very cheapest and affordable price. So if you need any kind of help and support related to Facebook and need experts assistance or help, then don’t worry directly contact our facebook service and support through our toll-free number. Here our facebook experts or executives provides 24/7 service, so you can call us anytime and ask any kind of Query or question hesitation as well as well as without paying any subscription charges.

Find the best way to contact Facebook and fix your issue.

What kind of Facebook support you need?

Your account has been disabled as a security precaution. What to do?
Trying to change my primary email. Entered new email. Confirmation never comes.
There is a person harassing me with fake accounts. Facebook customer service help me.
How do I contact Facebook customer service by phone with live rep? need help.
Forgot my password for Facebook. Where to get Facebook support?
Android app notification bar moved from top to bottom. How can I change it back?
"Permissions Error" when adding attempting to add Ad account to business manager
How do I contact customer service? What is the Facebook phone number?
How can you get access to an account that got hacked and changed email and password
Why all message history in all chats from last week and before that disappear?
Facebook blocked me while I was playing music live I did not violated nothing
When i go the marketplace on my iPhone it says its blocked and i don't know why
I need to speak with someone in customer service or Facebook technical support
Someone is using Facebook to harass & bully me, how can you help?
How can I post videos again I got blocked from posting videos?

Find the best way to contact Facebook and fix your issue.

Facebook Account Recovery

How can I get back into my account? I can’t reset my password because I can’t access the email address or phone number listed on my account. How do I remove or recover an old account I can’t log into?

If you have got a similar question, don’t get panic. We have helped thousands of users facing the account recovery issues. Let us help you too. To get assistance quickly dial our helpline number +1-844-233-3282 our experts help you in resolving your issues.

Facebook Privacy & Safety

As this social platform opens the door for you to connect with the world, you also need to be concern about your privacy and safety there.

Get help for keeping your account secure. Be aware of hacked and faked accounts, Facebook policy and reporting any violation and unfriending someone or blocking them.

Contact facebook directly by phone in order to resolve your privacy and safety issues.

Managing Facebook account

Learn how to manage your account and use various features inbuilt in it.

  • Creating an account
  • Sending and accepting a friend request
  • Using Homepage, messaging, photos, and videos
  • Managing pages, groups & events
  • Get connected with the New Features of the Facebook
  • Get Help for Changing username, profile, password and settings
  • Get support for accessing your info and deactivating or deleting your account
  • Managing a Deceased Person’s Account, Facebook advertisement.

If you need this type of facebook account related help and support, then you can dial our toll-free number our experts will assist you without taking too much time.

Contact Facebook Support by Phone

As per Q2 2017 earnings report, FB has over 2.01 billion monthly active users. This is really a huge number. Considering this number, we can imagine the number of people who will be getting any issue or difficulties related to Facebook.

But whom they do tell their problem? There isn’t a direct phone number that will connect you with the Facebook customer support team. So what those people do who are searching the web to find out the customer service email or phone number.

The answer is +1-844-233-3282 It is right now the best available option to reach the Facebook technical support team.

Phone number to reach Facebook


facebook tech support and customer service

We understand how difficult it is to contact Facebook for support & help. It usually happens that your account/page got blocked or disabled to use certain features without any prior notice. Sometimes you may need to speak with someone in customer service or Facebook technical support. If you are one of those, try this best phone number for Facebook reviewed and trusted by thousands of users.

Find the best way to contact Facebook and fix your issue.

About Facebook support phone number

First of all, make this clear that there is no any direct way to reach the Facebook customer support team. There is an only help page, where you will get very limited information to resolve any specific problem. However, we have hired a team of finest experts and professional customer care specialist in these fields. And they are here 24/7  available to help Facebook users. So immediately contact our help and tech support team if you get any trouble or issue related to Facebook.

Dial our customer service phone number +1-844-233-3282 if you are struggling with any of the issues mentioned below:

  • Issues with the protection and security of the record
  • Issues in loading the page
  • Privacy and safety issues
  • Keeping your account secure
  • Issues with sending and accepting the messages
  • Issues happening in logging out of the Facebook account
  • General investigating of your record
  • How to deactivating or delete your account

Benefits of Using Facebook Tech Support Number

Searching for Facebook Support Number? On the off chance that yes, you have arrived at the right specialized help desk. We have set up a group of experienced and guaranteed specialists, who can arrange and give Facebook Support according to your requirement on any devices.

We understand and own this responsibility to give all the FB users a channel, which is sufficient enough to put a conclusion to all FB related inconveniences. Our customer support is accessible through a telephone number, which has no charges for calling attached. Here you get live Facebook Support from the professionals, who are having the ability in the relating area.

  • Get your issue resolved by the certified experts
  • Get answers to any questions related to Facebook politely and frequently
  • Reliable Facebook customer service
  • Round the clock activeness
  • Get your all issues resolved online in no time
  • All that you are getting at a reasonable price
  • Resolve customers issues without taking any subscription or membership charges
  • Instantly respond to customers call
  • Listen to facebook customers query very carefully

How will Facebook tech support actually help you?

You need to dial our Facebook tech support phone number to get the needed help. An expert professional will personally listen to all your queries carefully. And after completely understanding your queries, he/she will guide you to quickly resolve the problem. Relax, you are in safe hand. We do this all every day, getting the best result for our customers. The user’s privacy and data safety is highly important for us and we take it in the highest priority.

One thing, our support team works for you and is not associated officially with Facebook. But we do ensure that you get the best customer support services.

Creating an account

Creating an account

This is the very step before entering this social media channel. People are curious and nervous as well about how to safely create their fb account. Some of the questions they are concern about are:

How to confirm my email or phone number?
Whether using my personal phone number is safe or not?
Why do I am unable to sign up with my name?
How to input the Confirmation code?
Why do providing my contact & date of birth information is necessary?
how to contact Facebook customer service?
Do you have very similar question in your minds? Just smile, as you can dial Facebook contact number to talk with one of our experts. They will politely clear your all doubt and will solve your problem.

Sending and accepting friend request

Sending and accepting friend request

Using this social channel is all about being connected with your friends. But the users should only make a friend, whom they really know. There are various other important issues which you should be keeping care of. Some of the issues on which you can contact Facebook phone number are:

How to send and accept a friend request.
Adding any one of my friends to close friend list or any other group list.
How to block & report someone who is forwarding spam.
Making your friend and follower list public or private.

Using Homepage, messaging, photos, and videos

Using Homepage, messaging, photos, and videos

Dial Facebook help center phone number to know latest updates, features about your news feed, photos, videos, and messaging. Your homepage is the place where you get latest photos, status, videos, news, ads posted by your circle. Messaging makes it possible to chat with any of the people you are interested with. You can upload photos and videos to make them public or private as per your choice. Some of the question people ask while dialing the phone number for Facebook help.

How to mark any message “read” or “unread”?
Blocking someone from sending messages.
Editing any photo or viewing it in full-screen mode.
How to post and upload live videos?

Facebook customer support for Managing pages, groups & events

Facebook customer support for Managing pages, groups & events

Facebook Page, Group, and Event is one of the important features which you can exploit to increase your brand awareness, traffic or achieve business goals. Pages are an important place for company, individuals, organization to move one step further from individual’s profile account to mark their online presence. The groups give you the opportunity to have a discussion about any topic with certain peoples. The event is another beautiful creation of fb. You can announce your events, meets, function and encourage peoples to participates in it. Most asked question related to this answered by our contact Facebook support team are:

How to create, delete, publish and make it verified?
Changing privacy settings of Groups, making or removing admin.
Posting Events, inviting peoples, sharing it.
What to do if my page got unpublished by the Facebook support team.

How can you get connected with the New Features with the help of Facebook Helpdesk?

How can you get connected with the New Features with the help of Facebook Helpdesk?

Features have added recently by the Facebook is live streaming.
Making the short video as your Facebook profile picture.
Trending which is designed to surface interesting and the relevant conversation for you to choose the best one for you.
“Nearby friends” helps you to find the friend the friends near to you through the Facebook.
“Year in review” is the collection of the best moments of you in the past year on Facebook.
With the using of Facebook, many of you are not known with the fact of using the each and every feature properly. Using of the internet is not safe to use be by every people. Sometimes you get popup messages convincing you to click on them for offers and take you to some other page requesting you for your personal details. To get immunity against such hackers, advertisers or the cyber bullying, you should be ready to get connected to our Customer Care Services available at the Facebook help desk phone number.

Facebook Help for Changing username, profile, password and settings

Facebook Help for Changing username, profile, password and settings

Setting up a strong password and recovering if you forget it, is an important thing to do. Every user is recommended to go through their profile settings and change it as per their choice of privacy and security. Most of the time user call Facebook for help they asked these frequently asked questions:

What are the steps to perform Facebook password recovery?
Making timeline & news feed setting as per choice.
Changing your follower setting.
How to change my username or profile name?
how do I contact Facebook?

Dial Our Facebook Helpline to Keep your Account Secure

Dial Our Facebook Helpline to Keep your Account Secure

By default, FB takes care of your account security. It also provides additional security features likes login alerts, email and messaging notification alerts to keep you updated about any unrecognized changes in your account. You can always see your activity log about your recent changes and action. Facebook Help team recommends you to review and change your account security setting as per your choice. If you have any queries or problems to ask regarding security issues, you are most welcome to dial our Facebook telephone number +1-844-233-3282. Meanwhile, see some of the frequently asked question related to this.

What is Security Key? How one can take advantage of this?
Necessary steps to keep my fb account more secure.
How to recover my account by answering security questions?
What to do if I’m unable to recognize anyone in photo security check?
how to contact Facebook support?

Get support for accessing your info and deactivating or deleting your account

Get support for accessing your info and deactivating or deleting your account

If you ever want to download your complete information (such as messages, photos, contact) you can do so easily. If ever you decide to deactivate or delete your account permanent or temporary, you can even do so. Our team of expert professionals will guide you how to perform these activities safely. We provide technical assistance for following issues:

How to download my complete information on Facebook?
Learn how to permanently delete your account?
How to deactivate your account?

If you have any query from these, then contact our third-party facebook help and support, they will help you with the best relevant solution of your trouble.

Facebook Technical support for Setting up your ad preferences

Facebook Technical support for Setting up your ad preferences

Ads preferences are the setting based upon which you might see any ads on your timeline. We provide complete assistance how do this work and how can you change your preferences. Learn more about it by dialling our Facebook contact number. Some of the hot questions related to this are:

What are my ads preferences and how can I make changes to it?
How can I give feedback to any of the ads I watched?

Our experts resolve these queries of the customers with a reliable and best relevant solution.

Everything about unfriending someone or blocking them

Everything about unfriending someone or blocking them

If you don’t want someone to be found in your circle, you can either unfriend or block them. This is really helpful if you are curious about your privacy and security. The users can dial our Facebook support number anytime to get the answer to a question like these:

How to block or unblock anyone on fb?
Know how to block someone from chatting for a while?
How can I stop someone to send messages & contacting me?

Solving out your Privacy issues and guiding you for staying safe

Solving out your Privacy issues and guiding you for staying safe

Facebook take its user privacy very seriously. By using privacy checkup feature one can be sure what are they are sharing with whom. The user can review and adjust their privacy setting as per their choice. The users find something that goes against the protocols and standards, you can directly report it. If you find yourself uncomfortable and need help, please dial the Facebook help centre phone number. You will surely be benefitted. We can help you on following problems:

Staying safe and learning different security resources available for you.
If you are a minor, learn about your special preferences.
How to report something which you think should not be on Facebook.

Contact Facebook Support to be aware of Hacked & Faked accounts

Contact Facebook Support to be aware of Hacked & Faked accounts

Your account is your identity and should only reflect your persona. Someone has no right to access your id. But there is some mean by which the hacker can make you fool and stole your information to hack your information. In such a case, you should immediately contact Facebook customer service for help. Our team will tell you which action should you take to keep your account secure and recover it. By dialling our helpline, you will be guided how to identify fake accounts and be safe from them. Some of the faqs we solve are:

How to recover my account if got hacked?
Help to report if someone else is using my data to represent my identity.
How to report a fake account?

Help for Understanding Facebook Policy & Reporting any Violation

Help for Understanding Facebook Policy & Reporting any Violation

Whenever something is get reported, it is strictly reviewed by the Facebook technical support team. The Proper action is taken towards it. It should also be cleared that everything which is reported is not actionable. The user can check the status if they have reported about something. Call Facebook for help, if you are really concern about it. Our Facebook helpdesk is always available for you to answer the question like these:

How to report a photo or video that violates anyone privacy?
Get help for reporting abusive content.
Giving feedback about any features, products or news.
What to do if someone is harassing you through an app?

Help for Understanding Facebook Policy & Reporting any Violation

Talk to customer support to manage apps on your facebook account

Did you signed up on number apps using your Facebook account? And not even only the apps but also the games. A number of apps and games requires facebook account to sign up because they are created by the third party developer and uses the Facebook platform policy. There are number of entertainment apps, Games, Photo and video editing apps, etc which you have signed in or want to sign up using your Facebook account. Several Question arises before signing up, and we will tell you the answer off all of them. Some of the Questions are listed as:

How to signup on an app using the facebook account?
Is Signing up on an app through the facebook account is secure?
How to manage the apps?
How to hide these apps from my public profile?
How to logout from an app which I have signed up using the facebook account?
Did these apps access my private data?

Help for Understanding Facebook Policy & Reporting any Violation

Get help regarding making Transactions on Facebook

Can you make transactions through facebook? Yes, You can make transactions through facebook, you can send money to your family, Friends, and can make other transactions. There is a new payment feature for facebook messenger, using which you can send money to anyone after connecting your Mastercard, Debit card, etc. Now before making transactions through Facebook several questions arises in someone’s mind. Some of them are as :

Best ways to manage your payment methods for Facebook ads?
Is it secure to do transactions on facebook?
Does Facebook take any fee for using this feature?
What if my account is debited but the other account is not credited? Should I get my amount back?
What if transactions fail?

Facebook customer support for Managing pages, groups & events

Customer service for accessing & managing your Information

Keeping your information secure and managing your information on Facebook is very important. Who can access my profile is the biggest question in someone’s mind. But you can manage your profile, and provide access, that who can access what data. You can manage your profile for the public view that the public can access only this data. Some other questions are as:

How can I manage my private and public data?
What if I made all my data as publicly viewed?
Can someone contact me if I make all my data private?
How would I Know about other parties who are accessing my data?
Can I download a copy of my facebook data?

Solving out your Privacy issues and guiding you for staying safe

How to report an image privacy violation on Facebook

Facebook provides a way to report unauthorized using of your photos and videos. If you think that a photo and video uploaded on Facebook should be removed or it violates your privacy rights then you can report about it. Facebook will remove the reported photo and video related to you, your child or another person. If you are a legal representative or guardian of a content on the facebook then you can report it and no one else can be reported except you because it is related to your and your loved ones.

Follow the  steps to report a Content on the facebook:

Just click on three dots available at the top right corner of any post. Then click on Give feedback on this post. This way you will be able to report the post after giving feedback.

There is another way to report any content:

  • Go to facebook help
  • Then select What are you trying to report?
  • Then answer the questions as better as you can.
Facebook customer support for Managing pages, groups & events

List Your Professional Home Services on Marketplace

To list Professional home services on the Facebook marketplace, service professionals have to signup with one of the facebook partners. When the user uses their phone to search for a home service then a form appears. The user has to fill out his form to answer a few questions about their project.

Facebook Partners use details to search and show the service professionals in the nearby area. Then the user can contact these service professionals or set up an appointment.

How to list

  • Sign up with HomeAdvisor
  • Sign up with Handy
  • Sign up with Porch

Things to consider when listing home services on Marketplace

  • Service professional will be provided based on user location and always fitted for the job criteria
  • All the services posted on the facebook marketplace should follow the Facebook Community Standards and Commerce Policy
  • Facebook has no role in any transaction, the only marketplace connects the service professionals and then with the people

Report an account for impersonation

If you have an account and Someone using a fake account of yours or using your details to make an account then you can submit an impersonation report to Facebook about that account. Follow the steps o do that:

  • Go to Facebook login page
  • Enter your username and password and click on the login button
  • Go to that person profile
  • Click on the three dots of right side of the cover photo
  • Select Give Feedback or Report this Profile
  • Select your reason to report this profile and Click on Send

If you didn’t have an account on facebook and you think that someone is pretending to be you then you can also report about that person by filling out a form.

  • Go to Facebook report an Imposter
  • Select a valid reason which best describes your situation
    • Someone is using my email address on their account
    • Someone created an account for my business or organization
    • Someone created an account pretending to be me or a friend
  • Click on the Send button
How to remove spam

How to remove spam?

Sometimes you can get unwanted content or request on your accounts such as bulk messages, links or images and sending friend requests to unknown people. Spam can be spread by clicking on bad links or installing malicious apps on your Facebook account.  To remove spams or to prevent from spam Follow these steps.

Secure your account

To secure your account you can go through Recover a hacked Facebook account if admin access is lost?

If you see repeatedly posting something on your timeline from unknown persons then unfriend that person, Block that person or report about that person.

Review account activity and remove any spam

To get rid of spams in facebook account you should have to review your account activity and if you find any kind of posts, links or images then delete that or report about that. Follow the steps to review activity and remove spams in your facebook account.

  • Go to Settings and then Security and Login to Check your login history for suspicious logins
  • Run a review of your recent posts and likes and click on continue until you get any suspicious activity
  • Go to your profile and Check your Activity Log and delete any suspicious activities
  • Go to your installed apps and games and check and delete those apps you don’t trust
  • Delete all the photos, posts, Pages, groups or events that you didn’t create
Managing a Deceased Person’s Account

Managing a Deceased Person’s Account

Facebook has a feature or policy to a memorialized deceased person account. A memorialized account is a place where family, as well as friends, share memories when a person passed away. If a facebook aware a person has passed away, then according to policy facebook memorialize person account. If you want to know more then contact our experts through our helpline number.

  • To know how to report a deceased person or account which need to be memorialized
  • To know How to ask for the removal of such an account
  • How to download information of a Deceased Person’s Account
  • To know what happens to my facebook account if I pass away

We add sincerity and integrity in our customer service to deliver you the best Facebook support & help.

facebook tech support and customer service