Does Facebook (or another site) suddenly look strange in your desktop?

Yes, sometimes when we open popular sites in our desktop its looks strange .Like Facebook which is a well reputed social networking site. Which is now used by most of the people in these days Now a day’s people facing the problems regarding facebook, like Facebook not loading properly, Facebook not working in Firefox, Facebook not showing properly and other facebook problems.

These facebook problems which are mentioned. Now they are very common among the Users. And facebook can’t do with them. These problems usually lie on facebook user’s computers, Gadgets or devices.

Issues by which sites (facebook) suddenly looks strange:-

• Facebook user’s Computer or device’s Time setting are incorrect: When the computer’s Time is not correct it Leads Facebook to not display properly. It means that when computer’s time & date is out with one week.Facebook won’t be load properly even if you the fastest internet connection with great computer specifications to solve this problem you can go to Facebook customer service.
• So Many Browser add-on and extensions: Browser add-ons are very helpful in making your internet surfing Experience a whole easier. But it can be the cause of facebook not working properly.
So keep in, mind that choose only add-ons from trusted sites or call facebook technical support Number to get out from it.
• Software preventing Display Facebook properly: Sometimes due to security software such Antivirus and Internet Security, Facebook can’t be load properly in our browsers to resolve these problems we can go to facebook technical support Number
in search engines.
• Virus Attacks: One of the main reason behind Facebook loads slowly and can’t display properly is the VIRUS. The browsers are the very easy Target by which virus can Enter into the Devices go to the Facebook hacked account to solved out the virus activities.

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