How to Create a Group on Facebook

Facebook is the world largest social network, we are Connect with lots of people with the help of this social sites, we can communicate with each other.Do you think, can you communicate with one or more people at the same time or not. Of course, You can do. By the help of Facebook Group. It is called the features of Facebook. Any Facebook user can create a group.This amazing feature is used to communicate with a group.whether it may be related to politics, Crime, Education or Government will easily share their interests, and express their views, ideas on the group page.Many of the users are creating Facebook group page for your organization or business promote activity. And you know that you can join with another group can easily join up to 6,000 other group.

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Benefits of Creating a Facebook Group

1. Give more personal interaction

Everyone wants to interact with others for sharing your views, ideas, get something new, give suggestions, have fun, business discussion etc. but not possible that you can go to the door of your friends, relative, co-worker etc. But yes, you can make a group for it and interact them. you can perform any activity in your group.It gives personal interaction environment. Facebook group app also play a role of marketing like engage with people in order to promote your business and brand for growth.

2. Build Better Relationships

Facebook group the most friendly atmosphere.Every member of the group interacts with each other, in slightly non- professional way.All are engaged each other and sometimes discuss any helpful information, So this is a way to build a more trustworthy relationship.

3. Receive immediate feedback from polls

Facebook group is the best tool to get feedback If the responsible and understandable member is in your group.Then definitively you will get extremely feedback. if you can post any blog or informative article in your group, surely you will get comments or feedback from your group member.

4. Use a group as a forum:

As you know the Facebook group is natural than a facebook main page.if you want to get some idea for your business purpose.Then you can post any question and definitively their group member give you the feedback that you need.

5. Announce offers

Sometimes group gathers to build online businesses for several reasons — bounce ideas back and forth, share experiences, ask questions which ultimately help in growing business.

How to Create a Group on Facebook

Step 1:  Login to Your Account:

Go to Facebook page and Login by email address or phone number and the correct password.

How to Create a Group on Facebook

Step 2: Click on “Groups”

Move the cursor on explore section, click the ‘ group’ here on the left-side of your Facebook homepage.

How to Create a Group on Facebook 2

Step 3: Click on “Create Group”

Click on “Create Group”option appear on the top right side of this page. Seem like, the given below image, you will more clear where to click

How to Create a Group on Facebook 3

Step 4: Choose Your Facebook Group Name and Privacy Settings

You can be filing a form with some information like enter a Name of your group which you want to give and finally select its privacy setting.

How to Create a Group on Facebook
What is Facebook Group Privacy

Facebook group is the finest way to discuss an important matter (Topic) in an organized way with minded people who have in your group. Either, you and your group member share your photo, views, post etc. If you can’t set privacy setting and your data is enabled like your photo, video, any personal blog, then anyone can view and share it with others on the Facebook. Since, anyone can comment or like your post.

So, Facebook group privacy is an essential for Facebook user because of the judgment of every event and control it. Such as who can join your Facebook group, who can see your group, which member can post some new and see an update on your Facebook group.Group admin can adjust the setting of Facebook privacy. Therefore  privacy setting are mainly three types:

  • Open/public
  • Closed
  • Secret

when you creating a group, you can select three privacy setting i.e Public, Closed or secret.

Hence below the table show who can join these group and what people can see about them:


Public Closed Secret
Who can join?


Any user can join or be added or invited by a member you can ask to join or be added or invited by a member Anyone, but they have to be added or invited by a member
Who can see the group’s name?


Anyone Anyone Current and former members
Who can see who’s in the group?


Anyone Anyone Only current members
Who can see the group description?


Anyone Anyone Current and former members
Who can see the group tags?


Anyone Anyone Current and former members
Who can see the group location?


Anyone Anyone Current and former members
Who can see what members post in the group?


Anyone Only current members Only current members
Who can find the group in search?


Anyone Anyone Current and former members
Who can see stories about the group on Facebook (ex: News Feed and search)? Anyone Only current members Only current members

 1. Public Group

In this group, anyone can join the group without invitation. Or Any Facebook user can see your new feeds, locations, tag, discussion without your permission. So user easily accesses your group No matter who a member of your group or not.

 2. Closed Group

In a closed group, Any Facebook user add a group, firstly they ask a to join or add or invite a member. you know that only group member can see any post, tag, its location, new feeds, stories, share photo, views etc.

 3. Secret Group

This group is purely private among of above group. secret group is not publicly visible.only group member is added or invite to another member, Only current members can see who’s is in the groups.

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