How do you create a page on Facebook?

How do you create a page on Facebook?

According to a report 2.7 billion “likes” recorded  on Facebook  each day in 2012. Anyone who have Fb account can create a page on Facebook. It’s free of cost and is easy to create. It has become essential platform for business,celebrities,  musicians, non-profit organisations and many more to directly interact with consumers and the wider audience of online users.

Pages are the best way to promote their business in  today’s world. It can be  customized  with stories, events and many more. People who like or follow your page get a updates in news feed.

Facebook  Page Types

How to create facebook page

To create any Facebook page firstly we need  to know about types of pages. There are many types of Facebook page. Let’s take a look at  the Fb page types and select the best page which suits you better.

1.Local Business or Place

The local business or place related to the small stores, shops where people go and visit physically. You can add your store related information like opening   and closing time. Page visitors can leave a review and “check-in” is also available on that. Local business  or place include:

  • Bank/Financial Services
  • Business Services
  • Lawyer
  • Pet Services
  • And more…

2.Company,Organization or Institution

If you have multiple business locations and it’s not easy to customer to visit your location physically then you can choose this Facebook page. You can add only one one option to add “check-ins” to your page.These pages includes:

  • Computers/Technology
  • Farming/Agriculture
  • Food/Beverage
  • Insurance Company
  • And more…

3.Brand or Product

This page basically intended for business that sell their product through multiple retailers. Under this classification, you would find business like Burger King, Apple etc. These pages Includes:

  • Baby Goods/Kids Goods
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Wine/Spirits
  • And more…

4.Artist,Band or Public Figure

The Artist, Band or Public Figure  page is the right choice if you have the talent to show the world. It is the best platform to showcase your talent and interact with your audience directly. This page  is intended for promoting yourself or another specific person or group such as band or a political figure. These pages includes:

  • Artists
  • Athletes
  • Designers
  • Musician/Band
  • And more…


If you are going to start business in Entertainment field, then you should choose this Facebook type. This page is intended for business in the ”entertainment” field. Category options here include TV shows, sports teams etc.This page includes:

  • Concert venue
  • Magazine
  • Radio station
  • And more…

6.Cause or Community

In this page classification does not have a category drop down menu. In the search result ranking category selection is very important. These pages are used for general topics and all kind of unofficial but interesting things. They are not run by single author, and they don’t generate news feed stories.

Let’s start to create a Facebook page

There are few steps to create Facebook page. So follow  below mentioned steps:

1: Login into Facebook Account

How to create facebook page

If you are already a member of Facebook then login into it. Firstly type your email and password and click on login button. And if you don’t have Facebook account then you need to create your Facebook account and fill all the details to create your account like first name, last name, email id etc. After that click on sign up button, your account will be created.

2. Click on the Create Page

You can find it to the far  left side of a Facebook page.

3. Select the type of page you’d like to create

How to create facebook page

There are 6 categories of page type. You can select any category according to your needs. After selecting any page type if you want to change the type of page then you can also change it later.

For all of these categories, you’ll  have to click to “Agree to Facebook Pages terms”  before you can move on.

4. Click on “Get Started”

After you have selected all the appropriate category and provided all the details, click on the “get started” button. Now you’ll be able to start some information.

5. Upload your profile picture

Now you can add profile picture on your page. You can upload the picture from your computer or a website which is related to your page. After uploading the picture click on “save photo”. Your profile picture will be uploaded.

6. Complete your profile

After uploading your profile picture, you need to provide some basic information about your page. For improving your ranking you should include a description as well as a website. After filling all the details click on “save info”.

7. Enable ads if you want

Advertisement is the key factor of any business. It is the best way to reach out more number of people. But in the Facebook if you want to enable this option then you’ll  have to pay for it and provide your bank details. You can either click on “Enable Ads” or “Skip” to move on.

8: Promote your Facebook Page

Once your page is created, use the invite option to invite all of your Facebook friends to like your FB page via a Facebook direct message. And ask your friends to broadcast your page.

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