8 Common Facebook Problem- What should you do?

According to a survey conducted by various organizations, there are 2.20 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2018 on the worlds most popular social network Facebook. There are uncountable accounts that are created every day by people all over the world.

Facebook has made the world to connect and get together through a platform. It provides all Facebook users with many choices such as chat, call, and share. It is a community that has brought the world under a roof so it can be interconnected. But there are times when the users face certain Facebook problem. And these problems reduce the user experience and these can be really frustrating at times.

What are the Common Facebook problem faced by users:

Forget Facebook login user Id

It is problem with some of the users that they forget the username or the Login Id of their Facebook account. The users generally get to face such type of Facebook problem when they set their username randomly and don’t pay attention while setting up their profile. And in such cases they are stuck out of their account. In most of the cases the login Id is the email Id by default that you have used while create your account.

User forgets the Facebook password

This is the most common Facebook problem into which most of the users are stuck. There can be many possible reasons to forget Facebook password. In some cases the reason can be complex passwords or random change of password or any other. So it might be any of the case but if you forget your password you need to retrieve your password. You can retrieve your password with help of security questions you set when you set up your Facebook account. Or you can also do it with the help of mobile number and email Id.

Not able to send and receive friend request

There can be several reasons if you are not able to send or receive friend request on Facebook. They can be:

  • You have reached the maximum limit of friends on Facebook.
  • The username might be reported as spam by many of the users.
  • You have been blocked by Facebook for sending many requests to the people you don’t know and don’t have any connections.
  • There is a chance that you have been blocked by some particular person.

If there is any such Facebook problem that none of the above is your case and still you are stuck. Then you can ask help from the Facebook help centre.

Facebook call problem

Sometimes when you are trying to call your Facebook friends you observe problems with Facebook calls. There can be different scenarios due to which you face problem. If you are making a Facebook video call and the video is not clear or the quality of sound and video is not good. And sometimes while making a voice call you receive error connection or no sound. If such is the case with you then check your internet connection. As sometimes the Facebook problem are faced because of slow internet connection or no internet connection.

How to shut up excessive posters

One can generally find many sort of irritating people such as:

  • Some relatives who keep on posting many non sense stuff on their Facebook wall which don’t like to see. Such post are really annoying at times.
  • Few friends who take too many picture of themselves and their cars, pets and all. And they post on their Facebook profile and tag you in them. That floods your notification feed.
  • Friends from school, college or work who keep posting irrelevant pictures on Facebook. And you don’t like to see them.
  • Aged relatives which are not aware of how to use Facebook and what to post on Facebook and what not to post.

Now the question in your mind is what you should do of this Facebook problem? You don’t want to unfriend them and hurt them but are fed up. The option with you is to unfollow such people. The benefit is you are still Facebook friends with them but don’t get to see stuff from them. For doing so you just need to open the Facebook profile of that particular person. And on the right side, you will find a drop-down where you can change it to unfollow. Now, will stop receiving stuff from them.

How to keep important friends first

There is a scenario where you don’t want to miss any Facebook update or post from some special people. But the algorithm of Facebook does not allow much time to any post or feed to remain on top. So now you would be thinking what to do, so that you see all their updates and post.The big Facebook for you. Here are the answers to your questions:

  • You can choose the see first option available in the drop-down of the follow. This will enable the stuff or post from those specific people to always appear on the top of your Facebook news feed.
  • The other option available to you is to enable the get notification option. This is done by you for some particular person. And after doing so you will receive notification every time that particular person posts anything on his Facebook profile.
  • And if you are really close to any person then you have this option of adding that person to Facebook close friend list. If you do this you will automatically receive notification of post from them. And this also will enable you share some stuff only with them. The stuff shared with close friends cannot be seen by others. This will help you resolve your Facebook problem.

Restrict people from seeing your post

As you do not like to see post from all the people same is the case when you don’t want everyone to see your Facebook posts. And if such is Your Facebook problem then here is what can do to restrict people from seeing your posts.

  • First is the case that you want to restrict only a few people or some particular Facebook users from seeing your post or Facebook story. When you are posting on Facebook just see for the people who can see. Choose it as friends expect.. and find whom you don’t want to show your post. There will be a red button keep clicking on all people whom you want to restrict. And then click on save changes and post your story or Facebook status.This resolve many of the users Facebook problem.
  • If you want some people not to see your stuff and posts permanently. Then you have the option of restricting list. People added to this cannot see your posts until you remove them from this Facebook restricted list or tag them in any particular post.

This is how you can restrict people from seeing your Facebook post and getting you into Facebook problem by different sort of stuff such as comments and sharing.

People tagging you in irrelevant pictures

Tagging people in photos is the fun feature of the Facebook. It is know as Facebook tag. It helps your friends tag you in group photos and funny pictures. But sometimes it can create a problem for you. The privacy on Facebook can be abused if someone takes a weird or embarrassing picture of you and tag you in it. This can a cause of humiliation or Facebook problem for you. So what you should do to be safe from such activities.

You can disable the photo tagging suggestion for all your friends or some particular Facebook friends. Go to the Facebook settings and look for the timeline and tagging on the left side. There change the option to no one of who see tag suggestion. Now your friends will not get tag suggestions and pop-ups showing your name. And you have found solution to your Facebook problem in few minutes.

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