All about Facebook Groups you should know {setup Facebook groups}

Facebook groups are the easy ways to communicate about a shared interest with the Facebook community. Let’s say you want to connect with a small group of people on Facebook such as friends, family or relatives. So it is better to create a Facebook group than telling everyone. And all members of the group can share anything with each other.

Any of the Facebook users can create a Facebook group for anything. It can be an event, reunion, family function, readers club, sports club or fans club. Facebook admins have the authority to customize the privacy of the groups. Let’s learn all about the Facebook groups.

Types of the Facebook groups

You can classify the Facebook groups according to the Facebook privacy settings. The Facebook admins customize the privacy of the groups. According to those privacy settings, groups are classified into three types as:

  • Open Facebook groups or public Facebook groups: An open Facebook group is open to everyone. Any of the Facebook users can view them, by searching for them using their Facebook account. The Facebook members and their posts are visible to anyone. Any of the users can join these group without the permission of anyone.
  • Closed Facebook groups: These groups are not open to everyone. This means that anyone cannot join these groups. Any of the Facebook users can view a closed Facebook group but can not join it. You will need the permission of the admin to join the group.
  • Secret Facebook groups: These Facebook groups are for some secret purpose and for some particular people only. Any of the Facebook users cannot find these groups by searching for them. Only the members of the particular group can see any information related to those groups. The people who are not the members of these group cannot know anything about the groups.

Set up your Facebook groups

How to create Facebook groups?

It is very easy to create a Facebook group. Follow the instructions mentioned below to create your new facebook group.

  • Open your Facebook account.
  • On the top right corner of your Facebook page click on the down arrow icon.
  • Select “Create Group” from the list.
  • A dialogue pop up screen will appear. Give a name to your Facebook group. And add the names of the people for group members. You can find them from suggestions as you type their names.
  • Choose the “Privacy settings” for your group. You can choose from the three available options: Public, Closed, Secret.
  • Now click on “Create”. And after that select an icon for your Facebook group.

The Facebook group is ready for sharing for sharing posts and stuff with the members. You can also chat and call the group members.

How to delete Facebook groups?

The Facebook admins can only delete or archive Facebook groups. And Facebook deletes the groups which do not have any members. And if you delete a group it is not possible to bring it back. So if you want to delete a Facebook group, here are the instructions for you.

  • Open your Facebook account.
  • Go to the news feed of your Face profile. Now click on “Group” on the left menu of your Facebook.
  • Click on “Members” on the left side of your Facebook screen.
  • You have to remove all the members by clicking on the dotted icon next to their name. And then click on “Remove from Group”.
  • Now select “Leave group” after removing all the members from the group.

How to archive Facebook groups?

Many people think deleting and archiving group is the same thing. But actually, there is a difference between deleting and archiving. If you archive a Face group then it will not appear in the searches to non-members. No, any new member can join your Facebook groups if you have archived it. Let’s learn the steps to archive Facebook groups.

  • Login to your Facebook account. And go to your Facebook news feed.
  • Click on the dotted icon that reads as more below the Facebook cover photo.
  • Now select “Archive Group” from the list.
  • Click on “Confirm” to finally archive your Facebook group.

Note-  The groups which are archive are not removed from Facebook, they are only hidden for some period of time.

How to join existing Facebook groups?

If you want to join a Facebook group you have two options. Your Facebook friends can send you an invite to join the group. Or you can search for a group and then you can send a request to join that group.

  • Go to your Facebook home page.
  • You have to go to “Group” sections.
  • Your Facebook group pages will appear.
  • Now select “Discover” to browse through the suggested groups and others.
  • Simply you have to click on “Join”. If is it “open group” you will become a member of that group. If it is a “closed group” then a request will be sent to the group admin.

Note-  When you join a Facebook group, the info about it can be seen by your Facebook friends.

How to leave Facebook groups?

It is very easy to leave a Facebook group. It will just take few seconds for you to leave the group. Here is what you need to do for leaving a Facebook group.

  • Open the Facebook group.
  • You will “Joined” written in the top right corner of your Facebook screen. Click on it.
  • Now select “Leave Group” from the list that appears on the screen.

Note- You will no longer be able to see get that particular Facebook group notifications. And you will be removed from the member list of that group.

How to remove or block someone from Facebook groups?

If you are Facebook admin of any group, you can remove or block any group member. And if you remove a member from your group, he has to request again to join your group. So to remove or block a member follow these steps.

  • Open your Facebook group.
  • Click on “Members” on the top left of your Facebook screen.
  • Now find the group members you want to remove.
  • Click on the dotted icon next to the member’s name. Now click on “Remove from Group”.
  • After that, you can choose the posts, comments of the person you want to remove from your Facebook group. And you can remove that particular person from other groups by applying the changes to other groups you manage on Facebook.
  • You can click on the check-box “Block Permanently” to block the person you are removing from your group.
  • Now click on “Confirm”. This will save the changes you have made.

Note- Removed member can search for the Facebook groups and request to join again. But the members you have blocked can not find the groups on Facebook again.

If you want to remove a Facebook group member follow these steps.

  • Go to your Facebook groups.
  • Click on the “Members” on the top left corner of your Facebook screen.
  • Now on the right of your group page, you will see “Blocked”. A list of the blocked member will appear on the Facebook screen.
  • Next to the name of the person you want to unblock, click on “Remove Block”.

Now the person you have unblocked can find the group by searching for it. And he or she can request for joining the group again. You can also send a group invite to that person.

Manage your Facebook groups

The Facebook group admins have a work to manage the Facebook groups. Managing the groups is a simple yet important work. And sometimes it can be really confusing. Let us navigate through the problems and confusions of the Facebook admins.

Who can approve the join group request?

If you are a Facebook group admin than it becomes your duty to accept and reject the group requests. So if you are a Facebook groups admin here is what you need to do for approving the group member request.

  • Open the Facebook group, you are group admin.
  • Click the dotted icon in the top right corner of your Facebook group page.
  • Now select the “Edit group settings”, to make changes to your Facebook group.
  • You will see “Membership approval” on your screen. Next, to it click on “Only admins and moderators”.
  • Now click on “Save” to make the changes to the group.

The Facebook groups admin have the options of saving their time by auto accepting the membership request.

How to make a member the admin the Facebook groups?

The person who has created the Facebook group or the people who are the admin of the group can make a new admin. To make someone admin of your Facebook group, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Go to your Facebook group and click on “Members”.
  • Click on the dotted icon next to the name of the person you want to assign as the Facebook admin.
  • Now you assign that person as the admin of the Facebook group or the moderator.

That particular person will now have the authority to add and remove any group member. He can edit the group settings, the group description, and add a new admin to that particular Facebook group.

How to approve the posts of the group you admin on Facebook?

If you are an admin of a closed Facebook group, you have the right to approve or reject the posts before they show in your group. So approving posts of a group you admin:

  • Open your Facebook profile using the Facebook username and password.
  • Now open the Facebook group and then you have to click on the more icon below the Facebook cover photo.
  • You have to now select “Edit Group settings” in the list show on your Facebook screen.
  • Now click on the check-box next to the “Post Approval”.
  • You will a “Save” button at the bottom of your Facebook screen. Click on that save button to make the changes you have done to the settings of your Facebook group.

After this, you will get a notification when there is post request from the group members. You can choose from the available options for you about Facebook posts to your group. Choose from the following.

  1. Click on to approve the post requests from the members.
  2. Or click on to reject the Facebook post request from the group members.
  3. Click on to delete the Facebook post request to the group and block that member.

Note- Any of the group admin can take actions on the Facebook post.

How to manage reported posts in Facebook groups?

If you are an admin of the Facebook group then you will receive Facebook notifications of the reported posts. So here are available options for Facebook admin.

  • You can ignore the reported Facebook post by removing or deleting it from the report queue. This is will have no effect on the Facebook post.
  • The next is if you find the post offending that particular person, then you can delete that post.
  • And the final option available to you is to Delete the reported Facebook post and block that Facebook group member.

If you find that the post is not good and taken down from everywhere and that person should be banned. Follow these steps.

  • Click the more icon on the Facebook post.
  • Now select “Report post to Facebook”. This will be sent to the Facebook database.

Then it will be reviewed by Facebook. If the Facebook find it really offending then it will be taken down from Facebook. And the account of that person may be banned.

How stop or pause a group member from posting to Facebook groups?

The Facebook group admin can temporarily ban or stop a member from posting in the Facebook groups. These are the options available to the admin about the people they want to temporarily pause.

First is to mute the Facebook Group member.

  • Open your Facebook group. And click on “Members” on the left side of your Facebook screen.
  • From the list of group members, find the person you want to mute. Now click on more icon next to the name of the person. And then click on “Mute Member”.
  • Now select the time period for which you don’t want that particular member to make Facebook posts and comments in the group.
  • At last click on “Mute”. This will save the changes you made to your group.

The other option available as a Facebook admin is to mute a member from a comment on the post.

Customize your Facebook groups

Customizing a Facebook group refers to making changes according to your wish. The Facebook group admin can make changes to their groups and information as they want.

How to change the name of Facebook groups?

If you are a Facebook group admin then you can change the name of a Facebook group. Follow these steps to change a Facebook group name.

  • Go to your Facebook profile.
  • Open the Facebook group you want to change the name.
  • Click on “More” to the top right corner of your Facebook screen. After that select “Edit Group Settings”.
  • Find the group name and next to it click on the change option.
  • Enter a new name for your Facebook group. After that click on “Save” button to add the changes, you have made to the group.

After you change the Facebook group name, all the members will receive a Facebook notification. This will be to inform them that group name is changed. Further any other admin can also change the Group name.

How to customize web or email address for Facebook groups?

Any of the group admins can create a customized web or email address for a Facebook group. If any of the members will send messages to customize email address then it is posted in the group. And all the other members of the group will receive a Facebook email notification about it. If any of the members reply to it, then it is also posted as a comment in the group post. Only the Facebook group members can post using that email address.

Here are the steps you have to follow to customize web or email address.

  • Open your Facebook account and login using the Facebook username and password.
  • Now go to your Facebook group and blow the Facebook cover photo click on more option.
  • After that select “Edit Group settings” on your Facebook screen.
  • Now next to the “Web or email address”, you have to click on the “Customize Address”.
  • Now enter a new email address for your Facebook group. Your new email address can have letters, numbers only.
  • Then click on “Customize Address” and after that click on “Save”. This will make changes to your group’s email address.

Note- You can make changes to your email address only once. After that cannot make further changes to it.

How to change a Facebook group type?

As you know there are generally three types of Facebook group. So if you have set a group to some specific type, you can change it. Here we provide you the instructions on how to change the type of Facebook group.

  • Open your Facebook account and go to your Facebook profile.
  • Now under the Facebook cover photo click on the “More” button. Now you need to “Edit Group settings”.
  • You will find the “Group type” on your Facebook screen. From that, you can choose a new “Group type”.
  • After you have chosen a new group type for your Facebook Group. Click on “Confirm”.
  • At the end of your Facebook page, you will find “Save” button. Click on this button to add the changes you have made to your Facebook group type.

Facebook also provides options to change a group to buy and sell group. With the help of the Facebook buy and sell group you can trade on Facebook. The trade can be done for different commodities and it is really very easy. So enjoy trading on Facebook.

How to add Facebook Tags to groups?

Facebook tags provide a link to the Facebook profile of the person you are tagging. And the post is also added to the Facebook timeline of that person. The Facebook admins can add tags to their group. This will help people get information about the group. And it will give an idea that what is the purpose for creating the group. Now here are the steps you need to follow to add a Facebook tag to your group.

  • Open your Facebook groups from your Facebook account. And choose the group you want to add Facebook tags.
  • Now you have to click on “More” below your Facebook group cover photo. And then select “Edit Group Settings”.
  • For suggestions about the Facebook tags, start typing next to the “Tags”. This will give you suggestions you can choose for Tags.
  • Now below that, you will find “Save” button. Click on that button to save the changes you have made to the tags.

Note- The Facebook allows only five tags to a Facebook group. You also get the options to choose that who can see your Facebook tags. You can select your audience according to your wish.

How to add a cover photo to Facebook groups?

Facebook cover photos are the images you see on the Facebook pages when you open any profile, page. It can be seen by anyone. It makes your Facebook page, profile, group look better and attractive. So here are the steps to upload a cover photo to the Facebook group.

  • If you don’t have any photo on Facebook, then you need to upload a photo to Facebook.
  • Click on “Upload”, for uploading a photo to Facebook. Or you can choose from the existing Facebook photos.
  • After you have chosen a photo, click on “Save”. This will save the changes you made to the Facebook cover photo.

Note- Only Facebook group admins can change the cover photos of the group.

Privacy settings for your Facebook Groups

These are the Facebook settings which determine who can see the group, find the group and join the group. They help the Group admin or the creator to specify things and set up a group security. As an admin, you have three broad categories to choose from for, the privacy of the Facebook group. Let us see who can do what in these groups.

Public Facebook group

These groups are open to everyone. This is the most used Facebook group privacy setting.

  • Anyone can see these group. And can join these groups directly by clicking on “Join”.
  • The group members can add their friends and invite anyone to join the group.
  • Any person on Facebook can see the name, description, members, location, and posts.
  • The stories can be seen by anyone on Facebook. And anyone who searches the group using the Group name.
Closed Facebook groups

There are only some differences between open and closed Facebook groups. So we will see only those aspects which are different.

  • Only the current and invited members can see the group posts.
  • The people who are the members and those who are invited to the group can only see the stories from the group.
Secret Facebook groups

The secret Facebook groups are created for some special purpose and some limited people. They are quite different from other two groups in terms of their privacy. So let’s see them.

  • The current member and the Facebook users invited by them can only see these groups and send a request to join them.
  • Only the current member or the invited people can see the group’s name, description, members, and posts.
  • And only the current members can find these groups with the help of search option on Facebook.
  • The members can only see the stories related to the group and posts on Facebook.

How to change the privacy settings of Facebook group?

Facebook privacy settings help in determining the group visibility and nature. The group admins can change the group’s privacy according to their convenience. If you are a group admin and you want to change the privacy of your group, follow these steps.

  • Login to your Facebook account, and open your Facebook group.
  • On the group page, below the Facebook cover photo, you will find the dotted icon. This icon reads as more. Click on that icon.
  • Now select “Edit Group Settings”.
  • After that click on “Privacy” and then on “Change Privacy Settings”.
  • You can now choose new Facebook privacy settings for your group.
  • After that click on “Save” and then on “Confirm” to save the changes to the group.

Note- Only the group admins can make changes to the Facebook privacy of the groups.

Facebook group notifications

These are the updates that the members receive about the posts and highlights from the group and the group members. There are three types of Facebook notifications. The group members in a Facebook may receive any of the Facebook notifications as preferred by them. The Facebook users can choose what they are notified about in a group. It can be done with the help of following.

  • Open the official Facebook website.
  • Go to your Facebook account by logging in with the username and Facebook password.
  • Now open your Facebook group.
  • Go to the “Notifications” section below the cover photo and next to the “Joined” tab.
  • Click on that and choose from the available options.

After that, you will get the following options to choose from.

  • All posts: You will get a Facebook notification every time a member posts in the group.  
  • Highlights[?]: You will the Facebook notification about some specific posts only. These can be most viewed or visited posts. And the posts from your Facebook friends who are the group members.
  • Friends’ Posts: The Facebook notification is only sent about the posts from your Facebook friends.
  • Off: If you turn Facebook notifications “Off”, you will not receive any updates from the group about the Facebook posts.

This is according to the need and preference of every user.

Note- You can “Turn On” notifications and even “Turn Off” notifications as per your convenience.

Facebook Group problems and Fix

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. It connects millions of people together. It provides the best platform. But still, sometimes Facebook users get to face some Facebook problems. We here provide some common problems faced by the Facebook group members and admins.

Can not add someone to the Facebook group

If you are not able to add someone to the Facebook group, then either might be the case.

  • The Facebook admin of your group has turned the membership approval on.
  • Next, you are not the group admin. As only group admins and the moderators are allowed approve the membership request.

And if you are the admin of the Facebook group but still not able to add a new member, then report to Facebook Help center.

The Facebook group can’t be found in search

There can be one of the following reasons that your Facebook group cannot be in the search.

  • The group you are searching on Facebook is a “Secret Facebook Group”. Therefore if you are not a current member of the group or a former member, you can not find it.
  • Next is a bit of common reason. You have made a typing mistake while providing the name of the Facebook group. So it is better to check the name you have entered and try again.

So please check for the reason because of which you are not able to find the Facebook group. And if still, you face the same problem contact Facebook.

Cannot post to Facebook groups

It generally does not happen that a member can not post in the Facebook groups. But if you are facing such Facebook problem then it might be due to following.

  • The Facebook app you are using is outdated. So check if new updates for your phone are available.
  • Your internet connection is slow or your internet is not working.
  • The files you are trying to post are not supported by Facebook. Or the content violates the Face policy. And it is not suitable for public sharing.

We hope this will help you get to a solution to your problem

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