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About Facebook

Facebook is a global social network in the whole world. Today is the most popular social media on Facebook, Which is used millions of people daily bases for any purpose. These provide the many latest features in social media it’s a very fast and growing platform in social networks.

These the best latest feature like image update or share post, videos and chatting etc. It’s the connectivity of more people with each other. It continually changes and grows in order to modify to its user’s needs and global technological developments.

Daily bases Zuckerberg may not be your preferred morning read and add the latest features on the Facebook the last few weeks. If you face any problem regarding Facebook then it will contact the Facebook customer service to get help any specific problem.

Generally, we want to know about, the latest features of the Facebook update. Here are the latest features provides about Facebook…..

1.Content sharing

Another feature which is currently being tested and has already started popping up on some users. These sets have nothing to do with the number of sit-ups you need to complete during a workout. ‘Sets’ is basically a filtering tool which allows you to group status updates, photos and videos as a group of publications with a general theme and then share them with a specific group of friends. If you help the many member conversations with each other then you give the topics and sharing any family vacation picks then it will be shared. But you are not deciding who will see the posts. It’s new and latest update the Facebook app.

2.Transfer money to your friends via PayPal

If any problem facing the money likes borrowed your old Friends and roommate from last year. Do you want to pay your friends back for the last night dinner and party without installing new apps? Facebook and PayPal Group up last year to enable users to purchase items through Facebook Messenger this time they’re making it personal. PayPal has recently announced a new feature that will allow Facebook users to send or request money from our friends, entirely via Facebook Messenger. All a user needs to do is open Messenger, click the blue ‘plus’ icon within the conversation window and then hit the green ‘Payments’ button, choosing PayPal as the gateway. For now, the service is open to US users only.

3.Search new people through your friends

If you want to search the new people through Friend list then allows the searching new person via Facebook account. We have provides a few steps to searching for friends. Like that….

  • Go to a friend’s profile.
  • Scroll down to their ‘Friends’ box on the left side of the screen. The nine selected profile pictures, it will say “See what you have in common with X’s friends.” Click “View” and then search.
  • Clicking on the “Things in Common” button opens a full-screen window with a circle layout, enabling you to search through your friends’ friends. On each profile, you will be able to see all the interests, details and some reference will show groups shared personal information like hometown, etc.

4.Subscribe to your favorite newspaper

Facebook large news to give its app users access to articles. Users will be accessible through the latest news users will be able to read 10 free posting articles from the anywhere hometown. After a user read their allotted 10, the app will offer users to purchase a subscription through the publisher’s website. It was recently spread of fake news on its platform. Then prevent this news to be exposed.

It provides these features only for androids devices. For now, it is seen that if there’s an Apple device in your pocket, you will not be able to enjoy this new Facebook feature, as the service will launch on Android devices only. Apple allows the may subscription made on its devices.

5.Order food and any snacks

For years people have been trying with Facebook for a few minutes to order food in a separate browser tab. Well, mark today on your calendar, because from now on, your life will never be the same. After these feature since May, US users can finally order food via Facebook, on both desktop and mobile devices. The service, which allows users to order food for delivery and received. Another cool idea of this new feature is the option to see comments and reviews your Facebook friends have left the corner for any food joint. How to take advantage of this new option? “Explore” menu in the Facebook app, browse restaurants near you and click “Start Order” to begin.

 6.Messenger Platform

Facebook announced the new Facebook features. It has been opened Messenger Platform bots to all businesses and virtual assistants. Messenger bots will give simple businesses the opportunity to connect with customers in new and unique ways with services for communications to e-commerce purchases. Facebook mentioned that all businesses and developers will gain access to documentation and best practices. Then completely building bots is outside the scope of your business’ capabilities, Facebook will also be offering a list of “bot partners” along with their bot engine.

7.Profile Expression Kit

Facebook launched profile videos which allow users to take or upload videos. only a few seconds to give users as your profile video. Profile Expression Kit currently supports six application like as  Boomerang by Instagram, Lollicam, BeautyPlus, Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel, Lollicam, MSQRD, and Vine. Profile Expression Kit will be a great opportunity for businesses to take their profile picture and show off their personality. For these apps that profile Expression Kit, it will allow users to upload the videos and they take using that app directly to their profile picture with a simple click.

8. Check your sources

 Sometimes fake news in spreads in social media so helpful to the most popular news growing problem for social networks. Some time subject to comment in recent months for allowing the spread of false stories. When seeing the articles shared in your News Feed, you will be able to use the new “Article Context” button. Then Click on the button that has the letter ‘i’ on it will open a small tab with additional information regarding the article. Details about the publisher from their Wikipedia page. This new Facebook feature is supposed to help people to be a judge the specific content and News Feed decide which stories are worth reading.

9.Cross-post video

Facebook launched a new way for users to cross-post videos easily within and across Pages owned by the same Business Manager account. Page owners can now give other Pages to their Business Manager. That will be permitted to the reuse a video and also create new posts with a previously uploaded video without having to re-upload it.

For example, A company might want to post a video on their main Page, their international Page, and one of their topical Pages. Then they might also want to re-post that same video a few weeks later.

10.Status updates

Facebook provides new and updates Facebook app of social media. It allows the update daily bases in our life like as change your profile image and sharing the latest image to update your cover photo etc. If you want to share any specific news then will be shared easily. And recently you will share notes their friends followed person will check your Timeline photo, tag and your birthday. This is updates were followed by the “What are you doing right now?”Facebook provides awesome and great features post, enjoying the wonderful features. Whenever to face any problem regarding Facebook to get help a Facebook phone number.

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