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Facebook is the social media giant, who have became of habit of today’s internet users. It help its users to connect themself to their friends and rest of the world. Its user comes from all category – rich, poor, kids, teenage, adult, professional, non-professional. Out of these mostly are unaware of the security threates, cyber fraud, phishing etc. Hence they became an easy traget of  the hackers and other unethical bodies. This is the reason why the case of Facebook haceked account is increasing day by day.

According to a stat, 600000 hacking attempts are made every day on FB. There are some destructive elements who target some specific group of people to hack their account. You may face problems like, unable to login to your account, your password changed. Someone hacked your account and changed your email address or recovery phone number. Your account gets suspended or business page hacked or blocked.

If you want to overcome this kind of issues, your search ends here. As we are always available for your help for FB related issues by phone with 24×7 supports. Read the instruction mentioned here or talk to our Facebook customer support team to easily handle the case for you.

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Some other Facebook issues Users face:

  • Unable to access Facebook account.
  • How to compose Facebook messages?
  • Facebook Messages are not delivering on the certain contact address.
  • Unable to sign in your Facebook account due to security issues.
  • Facing problems in Facebook Games (not loading properly)
  • Videos are not playing properly.
  • Facing problems in opening images, photos, and videos.
  • Receiving a number of unwanted friend requests.
  • Not able to set the cover page images, profile images.
  • Wants to block some contact.
  • And many more situations.

Disclaimer: We work for you and is not associated officially with Facebook. Our ambition is to provide you with the most effective solution for your queries in quick time. By the way, if you have time and interest in fixing its own, you can do so. Just follow our free instructions and guide. If you get stuck in any position or need the help of our expert, you may take help of our expert.

What to do if your Facebook account has been hacked & password changed

When it comes to listing down the most popular social media websites, Facebook tops the list. Billions of users at this platform enjoy sharing their pictures, videos, everyday activities and thoughts.

Due to excessive user complaints and getting bombarded with hackers on a daily basis, Facebook is constantly working towards making changes on their site. Security experts have said that this matter is of “huge concern” and people need to be more careful when choosing passwords as well as accepting friend requests. Dial our Facebook phone number to get help or follow these instructions.

Change password

  • If your Facebook account was hacked, you would obviously want to regain control of it immediately. This means you will have to change to a password that the hacker doesn’t know.
  • Go to the General settings page, and change your password.
  • Choose a stronger password this time that is no way similar to the old one. The intention is to create an unpredictable password.
  • Go for something complex, try including numbers, letters, and symbols.

Report the Hack Attack to Facebook

Facebook takes hacking complaints very seriously, and they want to hear about it. If you can’t log in to your account but you still have access to your email account, you can use the following steps: –

Check Active Sessions

  • Click on the Security section under your Settings menu through the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down and find the “Where You’ve Logged In” option.
  • A list of the location and device type used to login to your account will appear
  • This will help you to know about your account’s login information from an unfamiliar location, device or time. Remove those immediately.

Check Activity Logs

Facebook keeps a record of recent activity logs, making it easier to see what’s been going on in your account.

Once again:

  • Click on the drop-down menu in the top left corner, and select Activity Log.
  • Go through all the actions taken on your Facebook account.
  • If you see any posts, Likes, shares, or other actions that you didn’t take, this is a clear indication that your account is hacked.
  • Make sure you check the messenger app and private messages too.

Check Payments Activity

  • Hackers often hack accounts to use other people’s information to buy items.
  • Check under the recent payment history option to see if there were payments made that you were unaware of.

*Payment history option can be found under the main Settings menu

Immediate Steps to be taken after getting to know Facebook accounts being hacked

  • Go to the Facebook Help Page
  • Under the Privacy and Safety Options select “Hacked and Fake Accounts”
  • Choose “I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without permission” option
  • Click on linked text called “secure your account”
  • A New window will appear where you’ll now have to click on the “my account is compromised” button and enter your email address
  • Follow the rest of the onscreen instructions

To help prevent this from happening again in the future, make necessary changes by going to the “security” option in the Settings option.

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